Come Together: Finding the Light


Aleigh Guerndt

It is hard to find the joy in our everyday lives with so much covering our eyes, but friends are great to have and be around and family is forever.

Family is where life begins and love never ends, and a home is where your heart belongs.  Even if all of your family isn’t family by blood, let’s be happy for what we have and reminisce on the memories we have made in our families no matter who they are and in our homes no matter where they may be. Let’s come together…

  1. We Are Family- Sister Sledge
  2. I’ll Stand By You- Pretenders
  3. Song For Mama- Boyz to men
  4. Color Him Father-The Winstons
  5. Come Together- The Beatles
  6. Under The Sea- From Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  7. All You Need Is Love- The Beatles
  8. I’ll Be- Reba McEntire
  9. A Family Is What You Make It- Jim Rule
  10. I Will Be Here- Steven Curtis Chapman
  11. Don’t Forget To Remember Me- Carrie Underwood
  12. Through The Years- Kenny Rogers
  13. Who Says You Can’t Go Home- Bon Jovi
  14. Lean On Me- The Temptation
  15. What A Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong
  16. I’ll Be there- Michael Jackson
  17. Home- Daughtry
  18.  (Say Hey)I Love You- Michael Fronti and Spearhead
  19. Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlsie
  20. Celebration- Kool and The Gang