Kevin Durant MVP

Filled with emotion, Kevin Durant thanks his mom and other supporters upon receiving the NBA Most Valuable Player award.
Recently Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder’s star player, was named the 2013-14 NBA Most Valuable Player. For the fourth time in Durant’s career, he led the league in scoring with 2,593 points. He also managed to sustain a regular season average of 32 points per game. Durant has been named an NBA all-star for five consecutive seasons, and with statistics like his, he deserved the MVP award.
Besides showing us his skills on the court, Durant also seems to have some very impressive speaking skills. Upon receiving the MVP award, Durant begins an almost 11 minute long, heart felt and emotional speech. This certainly was not anything like the interviews you may have seen earlier this year from NFL and NCAA football stars such as Marshawn Lynch or Jaemis Winston. Durant individually thanks his friends and family, and he ends with thanking his mom. He speaks of his childhood and how throughout everything, he made it to the NBA with her help. In the end, he says, “Mom, you’re the real MVP.” The crowd gives a standing ovation, and Durant then goes on to personally thank many of his teammates, coaches, and mentors.
Durant breaks down many times throughout his acceptance speech and is clearly honored to receive such an award. He expresses his gratitude and thanks God, his family and friends, and other members of the Oklahoma City Thunder. When talking about his teammates, Durant reveals himself to be a very modest person as he talks of all the support and role models that he has obtained from the team. Many people are quick to label successful athletes as cocky or arrogant, but Durant clearly does not fit this stereotype.