Rescued Five Days after a Car Crash

Kristin Hopkins, mother of four, was found severely injured and dehydrated on May 4th in her totaled vehicle where she reportedly had been driving home on April 29th at night, and drove off the mountain side surrounding the highway.  A missing person’s report had been filed on Hopkins and authorities had been searching for her.  A man driving on the same highway pulled over to take pictures of the view from the hill and found Hopkins’ car about 50 yards from the road.  The man thought he saw a body, but decided to go to the police to investigate the scene.  When authorities arrived, Kristin was alive, but had suffered many injuries and needed medical attention immediately.  Hopkins’ had suffered five days in her car before the unnamed man found the crash. Kristin had tried to capture the attention of drivers by writing messages such as “Please help doors won’t open” on an open umbrella.  Doctors have declared due to the severity of her injuries, Kristin Hopkins will have her feet amputated.