North Crowns New Homecoming Royalty


Eden Dunford

Excited students and spectators at North Forsyth’s Homecoming game watch, transfixed, as their football team puts up a hard fight against the Lambert Longhorns. Although the Raiders suffered a difficult defeat, the spirited crowd maintains the energy through the evening. Junior Emma Francis, who always participates in the student section, said, “I love being in the crowd with my friends because we keep each other pumped even when we’re losing. The Homecoming game was great because we got to see our friends crowned.”

The North Forsyth Raiders varsity football team played the Lambert Longhorns on Friday, September 26th for North’s Homecoming football game.  Within the first few minutes of the first quarter, the Longhorns kicked a field goal, leading Lambert over the Raiders by three points. The Raiders could not catch up throughout the first quarter, but mid-second quarter, number 30 Zac Slaton and number 12 Lance McGonigle pushed up the middle of the play, leading the team within 20 yards of the end zone. From there, onlookers bored through three time outs, utilized by Coach Galt in order to halt the game clock, as there were only ten seconds left for the play. Although the Raiders did not score a touchdown, they kicked a field goal, leading the teams into the second half with the score three to three.

During halftime, each nominee for Homecoming princess, queen, and king walked onto the field for the final results to be shed. There was a Homecoming princess for each underclassmen grade, as well as Senior Class Homecoming queen, king, and their runner-ups. The voted Freshman princess was Luz Hererra, the Sophomore princess was Kendall Sosbee, and the Junior princess was Nina Carter. Perri Rabbit and Josh Martin were crowned Homecoming queen and king. The runner-up Senior Homecoming royalty were Mujo Mehic and Megan Wilson, whose presentation concluded halftime.

The game was close until the last three minutes of the third quarter when the Longhorns ran a touchdown, making the score ten to three. For the remainder of the game, the Longhorns ran three more touchdowns, with two field goals along the way. In a last attempt, the Raiders kicked a field goal with four minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter, leaving the final score as thirty one to six, favoring the Longhorns.