Raiders vs. Habersham


Late Thursday night, The Raiders crushed Habersham at The Raider Valley. The North Forsyth Raiders pushed through and took over the game with a whopping score of 28-9.

Jade Flack, Staff Writer

The North Forsyth Freshman football team came out with their first huge win against The Habersham Raiders on Thursday, October 9th.

“We were a lot more physical this game. The energy level was really high, and we were determined for a victory,” said Hampton Wingruber (#89) right after the team’s successful game.

The North Forsyth Raiders led the game with a score of 7-0 by the end of the first quarter. Ben Bales (#13), freshman quarterback, threw a 10 yard pass to Ethan McGehee (#23), who then ran the ball several yards down into the end zone. Shortly after the start of the 2nd quarter, McGehee received another pass in the end zone, making the score 14-0. From there, The Raiders only improved. Although Habersham kicked a field goal in the 3rd quarter, Raiders continued to score and came out on top. Later in the 4th quarter, Travonne Williams (#26) carried the ball straight to the end zone, leading the Raiders with a winning score of 28 North: 9 Habersham.

The Raiders current record is now 1-3-1 with a win, 3 losses, and a tie. Though it was a great game, The Raiders can not let their guard down. Next game will be against John’s Creek at Raider Valley, and the Raiders are ready for another victory.