Raider’s Robotic Team Travels to State Championship


The North Forsyth Raider Robotic Team prepares to compete in the 2015 VEX Georgia State Championship. The program is run by Ms. Marshall, an engineering teacher at North Forsyth High School. The teams 3536E and 3536B were finalists for the state competition.

Maddy James, Staff Writer

February 27th and February 28th, the North Forsyth High School Robotics Team travelled to the VEX Georgia State Championship to compete for the state title. Before the championship, the Raiders participated in a home meet, which rewarded Excellence Awards and Georgia State VEX Design Award to 24 finalists who move on to the State Championship. The team 3536E, of senior Meagan McCliment, sophomore Maggie Sullens, and sophomore George Michael Huttick, was a finalist group for an Excellence Award, and the team 3536B, of sophomores Noah Davis, Ryan Oswalt, and Ben Kilpatrick, was a finalist group for a Design Award. Congratulations to all of the North Forsyth finalists!

The next competition for the Raider’s Robotics Team (consisting of teams 3536A, 3536B, and 3536C) will be the US Open, which takes place in Council Bluffs, Iowa on April 7th, 8th, and 9th of 2015.