From Behind the Glass


Julie Day

The wind howls, and the sun peers through the clouds. Haylie Shea Hatch studies the world around her because she knows some will never gaze upon the colors that the sun paints into the sky. Hatch breathes in the world, so she can show others how to breathe it out.

Julie Day, Staff Writer

The smell of fresh bread wafts down the suburban boulevard while the limitless atmosphere hoists cotton-like clouds in place overhead. Perhaps there are fluorescent street lights and late city nights. There are people dotting the globe, always on the move. Time is just a man-made concept; time is infinite.

Unfortunately, there are people who have lived the majority of their lives on the inside; they have forgotten what the outside walls of the hospital look like. Just because the wondrous things in life exist, does not mean every human that graces the earth has the opportunity to “seize the day.”

Many kids have adjusted to calling the hospital “home.” Every day, they wake up just to live another day. They were forced to abandon the comfort of waking up to a family and a home or even waking up at all. These children watch every one from behind the glass; they watch others enjoy the smells, sounds, and sights of the world around them. What encourages people who have no reason to live, no reason to exist? Who encourages them?

Sure, fresh bread and city lights are some of the more refreshing aspects of one’s average life, but maybe there is something more, something that breaks the barrier, caused by the window glass. As the sick children peer through the hospital windows, looking out towards the busy streets, they occasionally see people looking back at them, smiling. These people wish to share their smile with those who have forgotten how to from a grin.

Send a Smile to a Sick Child is a branch organization from, founded by North Forsyth Sophomore, Haylie Shea Hatch. The goal of the project is to spread love and encouragement by allowing people to send personalized cards to the children who reside in the hospital. Several kids over the years have relearned what it is like to be loved and appreciated because of Hatch’s project. Some kids have even written back with letters explaining how much the card they received meant to them. Hatch has inspired these children to thank, and appreciate people who care for them. In fact, they are mimicking her actions by sending cards her way. Hatch started this project when she was young, and has devoted several years of her life to these kids. Many more years are in the future of this project.

Hatch’s motivation comes from inside her family; her brother was diagnosed with epilepsy. He could have been one of those children that never left their hospital home, and the reality of this very fact is what inspired Hatch to love the residents of the hospital. Even though her brother was able to live his life outside of a hospital, Hatch’s motivation never faded. Her motivation stands strong as she continues to run the project. Hatch’s organization was created for the sole purpose of happiness and love, leading to a reward that outweighs the effort she exerts.

Many hearts are touched each day by people who genuinely care and love others. The world is a massive place filled with extraordinary smells, sounds, and sights, but it is also inhabited by pure-hearted people who wish to share their life with those who are behind the glass. While some people take the vast sky for granted, others are wishing to breathe it in, because of people like Hatch, even more people will learn to love and accept themselves and the life they were dealt. Perhaps there are delicate city lines, and beautiful country sides, but there is more. Everyone must discover their own purpose in life, and there is plenty of time for discovery. Time is just a man-made concept; therefore, time is infinite.