The Raider Wire

The wind howls, and the sun peers through the clouds. Haylie Shea Hatch studies the world around her because she knows some will never gaze upon the colors that the sun paints into the sky. Hatch breathes in the world, so she can show others how to breathe it out.

From Behind the Glass

Julie Day, Staff Writer March 9, 2015

The smell of fresh bread wafts down the suburban boulevard while the limitless atmosphere hoists cotton-like clouds in place overhead. Perhaps there are fluorescent street lights and late city nights....

 The tension is high as a visitor observes this rehearsal. Chamber choir singers are practicing their Christmas songs, but one of last year’s graduates is observing them. Joshua Shepherd can feel the tension, and couldn’t resist the chance to lighten the mood. With a pencil up his nose, he makes a ridiculous face at the visitor. Her laughter makes everyone relax. No one else seems to care about his antics because this is an example of everyday Joshua Shepherd.

All Wounds Need to Breathe

Julie Day , Staff Writer November 10, 2014

He is like an iridescent crystal; different people can glance at him and see different things. Although, everyone can agree that senior Joshua Banks Shepherd is a lively character full of royal sass. As...

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