The Museum of the Bible to Open in D.C.


In November of 2017, The Museum of the Bible will open in D.C. It will be located just three blocks from the Capitol building and two blocks from the National Mall. The museum will contain Steve Green’s personal bible artifact collection.

Daniel Snodgrass, Staff Writer

Washington D.C. is going to be home to a new museum: The Museum of the Bible. The nonprofit museum is expected to open in November 2017, and be placed just two blocks south of the National Mall. It will hold Steve Green’s, president of Hobby Lobby Inc., personal collection of biblical artifacts.

According to NPR, the museum will be eight stories tall with displays, as well as other attractions—there will be a café where guests can eat biblical foods such as flatbread and date honey, and a biblical garden that guests can walk through. The artifacts on display will include pyrus fragments of the New Testament and Jewish Torah scrolls.

Hobby Lobby president, Steve Green, will fund the creation of the museum, which has a commercial price of 400 million dollars. Also, his private collection of 40,000 biblical relics is the world’s largest private collection of biblical artifacts.

Despite the assumed religious focus, The Museum of the Bible is not an evangelist memorial. The museum will be open to guests of all different religious groups, and will offer tours of many different religious viewpoints, including Jewish, Muslim, and others. The goal of the museum is to provide guests of different ages, races and faiths with a pleasant and memorable experience.