Raider Wire Staff Discussion: Good-Byes


So Long, Farewell, Good-bye.

Amanda Lewsader

Goodbyes are something that I despise and try to avoid when I can. I don’t like the idea of loosing something that means a lot to me or makes me who I am. Whenever there is a mandatory goodbye, such as leaving middle school and going to high school, it makes me feel like I’m leaving a part of myself behind with the memories  I created with past friends. When I think of goodbyes, I think of how hard it is to separate with someone that I have grown close to. But I’ve begun to realize that they can also represent a new beginning. Saying farewell to one thing means having more opportunities for others.

Ashton Bruce

I’m a freshman, and that title in and of itself drags some reputation of “lame” with it. Through the year, the seniors in journalism who will leave high school have surpassed my expectations of what good people are. They’ve given me an idea of what I want to be and who I want to be. They’ve given me ideals of what is important and what is to come. They’ve given me confidence that’s allowed some of the freshman-lameness to seep away. I want to say goodbye to the people who I’m honored to have known. Goodbye to the people who I wish I’d known longer. Goodbye to the people who are moving onto better places where they can impact the world, not just me. I want to say goodbye to the seniors of journalism who I won’t forget and who I strive to be more like academically, personally, and socially. I’m glad that I’ve had the time with them that I’ve had.

Austin Gray

10 years ago, North Forsyth High School  made the worst decision in the history of humanity: hiring Clori Rose as a teacher.  She is irresponsibly friendly, inconsiderate to giraffes, and harasses each of her student’s everyday by forcing them to do yoga, stuffing them with cookies, and filling their minds with useless knowledge like how to survive in college. We will not miss her, even as we cry when passing room 303.

Austin McIntosh

I would like to say goodbye to some of my favorite teachers from the past. Many of them have moved away or changed schools, and my favorite even passed away.  I probably will not have the chance to talk with many of them ever again, but one day, I will try.

Ben Bramblett

I would like to say goodbye to all the seniors who made me a better person during my freshman year. I couldn’t name all the people that are leaving who changed me, as a person, throughout my first year of high school. Best of wishes, and I hope to see you all again.

Bim Peacock

There are few people I regret bidding goodbye, and those I would say so to, I already have acknowledged.  But I would like to say goodbye to the old ways I used to follow.  The ways I attempted to bind myself to throughout my life are all but obsolete now.  There were times that were good, yet, that I will remember forever.  Goodbye, old self.

Cameron Conner

I have never been good at the act of telling anything or anyone goodbye. Whether it was childhood pets or favorite bands, I choose to exist in a constant state of denial rather than accept the truth that something has left me. This might stem from the fact that I, as a tragically shy and reserved person, introverted to a fault, am not in the habit of saying goodbye to anyone. Throughout my life, I have been the one to sneak out the proverbial back door rather than waste time and effort on overly nuanced farewells. I’d like to take this opportunity to say goodbye all the things I neglected to do so to before. Goodbye to the too tight purple pants I wore in the ninth grade and the terrible hairstyles associated with them. Goodbye to the days when I thought punk music was only made by the Ramones and when I hated The National. Goodbye to all my friends that lost their lives to substances and roads, and goodbye to the insecure fourteen year old who first walked into North Forsyth High School.

Colin Bergen

This may come as a surprise to some, but I would like to say goodbye to Ms. Rose.  I realize I didn’t get to know her that well, nor did I  have the same connection many students had with her. My nerves and my preoccupation with work often got in the way, and I regret never  opening up to the class. I know that Rose is a wonderful teacher. She can always brighten up a room when she wants to, but she knows when to put her foot down. She is one of the rare few that earned the respect of her students, rather than just their cooperation.  I know for a fact that, for the students who know her, she happens to be among their favorite teachers.

Her teaching ability is not what makes this goodbye so hard. What makes this hard is the fact that she is one of the few teachers that gives me a real chance to express myself. I’ve always been a more introverted person with the mentality that I have to get everything done quickly, efficiently, and perfectly. Her class gives me the chance to work for something more than my grade for once. For once, I can be a writer, not a worker. That’s something I have longed so long for, but I just never seemed to have gotten around to until now.  I regret giving up the class so soon, and I guess, in a way, this is also a goodbye to Journalism as well.

Thank you Mrs. Rose and thank you Journalism, for such a wonderful class and an awesome year. Goodbye.

Daniel Snodgrass

Yet again, I am reminded that we live in a finite world where we have to say our salutations to those close to us. Sometimes temporary, sometimes for good.  I would like to say a special goodbye to Ms. Rose, the dandiest Journalism teacher.

Danielle Stone

Of course I will miss everyone after school is out for summer, but one person in particular, my best friend, will be the one I miss most as she is moving to Arizona. We will most definitely stay in touch, but we have been inseparable since fifth grade. Being apart for even a week causes slight separation anxiety. I cannot even imagine being apart for the rest of our lives. She is the one I am the most comfortable with and the first person I would turn to with a problem. Most every moment spent with her has been a happy one. I am so thankful for the time I have had with her, but every good thing must come to an end, although I wish I had longer.

Emma Franklin

I have said many goodbyes in my life, and I would like to think that I have gotten pretty good at them. I never miss an important goodbye. I like to keep the goodbyes short and sweet; just rip off the band-aid and cut the pain short.  Goodbye teachers, goodbye school, and  goodbye friends who I have come to know.

Erin Dickman

I thought I would leave North Forsyth High School in May without missing anyone. Journalism has ruined that for me. Through this class, I was able to meet underclassman, who I wish I could have been and I wish I could stay with. The people in Journalism are the greatest, most insightful people to exist among, and I  love them.  Goodbye, lovely children.


Ethan Simmons

It always comes, no matter how long we put it off; we have to say goodbye to people, places, and ultimately life itself. I’ve found it best, whenever it comes to inevitable situations, to face them head on. This goes for goodbyes: never half-give a goodbye. Make it sincere. A good bye should mean something. It should say, “Thank you,” “I love you,” “I will miss you,” “I will remember the time that we’ve spent together,” and every other feeling that is difficult to put into words. One also must remember, goodbyes are not always final. It means two parties are parting ways for a time, closing one door so they can open another. In this respect, I love Dr. Seuss’s advice on goodbyes: “Do not cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Gracen Martin

This month, I would like to say goodbye to my freshman school year. Goodbye to the high school jitters and being the baby of the school. I will ruin my routines, and my I will be less stressed. However, it will be hard to say goodbye to my friends…for only three months, but still, it’s bittersweet. I am looking forward to a short break, but I am also terrified of the fact that with every end-of-the-year goodbye, I am nearing the end of my high school career. Since I still have three more years to suffer though, freshman year is nothing but a simple goodbye, until next year.

Hailey Yarbrough

In May, goodbyes are abundant and bitter sweet. Seniors leave to go to college, and some teachers leave to go to different schools. Sadness will fill my heart when I don’t see the seniors in Journalism on the first day of school next year along with the only teacher that truly understands her students, Ms. Rose. I have flourished as a writer this year from Ms. Rose’s amazing mentoring. The literary magazine and newspaper will not be the same without its teacher. Goodbye seniors, and  goodbye Mrs. Rose.

Hannah Manikowski

 In three weeks, I will be saying goodbye not only to high school Journalism, but also to high school in general.  In three months, I will find myself across the country, hundreds of miles from anyone I know. Right now, this knowledge is more of an abstract idea to me than anything that holds real weight, something looming in the not-so-distant future. I don’t feel ready to say goodbye, so, to make me feel better, I am going to follow in the footsteps of an idol of mine – Tiggr from Winnie the Pooh – and instead say, “TTFN,” or, “Ta ta for now.” TTFN to Waffle House trips at three in the morning. TTFN to humidity comparable to hot soup. TTFN to sweet tea with sweeter friends. TTFN to first kisses and home-cooked food and crowded school hallways. TTFN to fourth period Journalism and Thespian Troupe 5368, the places that have given me a forever home. I’ll be back soon.


Jack Dalmolin

Saying goodbye is one of the harder experiences that human beings must go through in their lives. Instead of dwelling on the negatives and thinking about how much one may miss that person, one should instead realize that people come and go, and everyone one encounters has an effect on one’s life. Being grateful for all the good times and the lessons learned from that person is the best way to say goodbye.

Jack Kern

Goodbyes are always hard, no matter what. I, for one, have had many hard goodbyes throughout my life. For example, this year I have to say goodbye to a long-time friend whom I have become especially close to this year. This person is a great friend to me, but is even more so to most of my other friends. I can’t imagine how hard it is for them, having known her for much longer than I have. The saddest thing about goodbyes is that you can’t escape them; they’re everywhere in life.

Jack Scott

I am unsure who or what to say goodbye to. I would say goodbye to Mrs. Rose, but she does not actually leave until the end of the school year. So I have decided to say goodbye to the US state of Nebraska, which mysteriously disappeared on the hour of 5:00 AM on the first day of April 2015. There now exists nothing but a pit of blackness where the US state used to be, and locals by the former Nebraska border refuse to investigate the hole that was once their neighboring state.

Jacob Blodgett

There were many times that I never said goodbye. I never said goodbye to my great grandfather or to my dog when he passed. Firstly, I say goodbye to them. Now, as a senior, I say goodbye to school and the friends I’ve made over the past four years. I hope to see all of you again. Until then my friends.

Jade Flack

Ernie Harwell said, “It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.”Goodbyes aren’t all bad. In some situations, they may be  painful and strenuous because of the strong bonds created between people and places. Although we dread goodbyes, its what allows us to discover new hellos. As the seniors of North Forsyth High School leave, new opportunities, new people, and new lives welcome them. Ms. Rose, a teacher I’ve grown so fond of, is leaving us, but I’m positive her new students will adore her just as much as we have. So, goodbye to the seniors. Good bye to my teachers. Good bye to Ms. Rose. Hello to new oppritunities.

JoAnn Ahn

Goodbyes have always been one of the hardest things to do in my life. Saying goodbye means that there is a chance that I will never see or encounter the same people or aspects of my old life ever again. There is also a possibility that I will have new experiences to grow from. As we say goodbye to this school year and all that came along with it, the bittersweet feeling of letting go and moving on has definitely put a tremendous effect on me and everyone as a whole. So goodbye freshman year; thank you for training me on the fundamental basics of a life as a high school student. Goodbye Ms. Rose. Thank you for teaching our class with a sophisticated manner and grace, and allowing us to blossom as writers. Goodbye seniors, thank you for showing the underclassmen how to be great role models and how to find excitement in high school drudgery. And finally, thank you Ms. Perri Rabbitt for all that you are as a person, leader, student, and Christian. You inspire so many people to live out a life full of kindness, humility, and a Christ-like love. Hello to a new adventure.

Julie Day

Goodbye to those who have kept me strong, even when I was shattering. Goodbye to memories made sweet and bitter; you have shaped my mentality. Goodbye to familiar faces and surroundings, you have preserved my mental map. Goodbye to the stress that forces me to be timely and orderly. Goodbye to the people who have hatred towards me; I have learned from you who I do not want to be. Goodbye to the friends who only want from me, you made me charitable. Goodbye to fake personalities and two faced liars; you made me want to be kind and pure. Goodbye to those who crafted me into who I am, for when the new school year comes, we will all be a little newer. Hello to a beginning as fresh as the flowers, sprouting from the ground.

Kayla Salemi

Goodbyes have never been my strong suit because I tend to be quite an emotional person. My goodbye is for all those I will lose in this upcoming school year. I will miss those who will become distant memories, those who moved away, and those who no longer exist in this lifetime.  If not for each individual person I have met, then I would not have grown as much as I did. Thank you, and remember I will never forget. My heart is big, and filled with memories.

Kristin Iler

There is an important person within this school that will not be here next year. It breaks my heart to know that she will no longer be teaching our wonderful journalism family. Ms. Rose is moving to Lambert High school next year, and the  staff is mourning the loss. Although I have only been a student of Ms. Rose’s for a year, she has been a true blessing in my pathway to become what I desire most. She has guided me with her wisdom, her belief, and her encouragement. I will forever remember her in my journey of becoming a journalist. Goodbye Ms. Rose, I hope that your new job at Lambert offers a great experience.

Lacy Hamilton

This is kind of difficult for me to say in words, so bare with me. I love every senior in journalism, and I want to get this right. First, I love you all. (I already said that, but you deserve to hear it more often.) I think about you guys all the time.  I find myself reminded of you from the smallest things like toothpicks and peanuts and Figi water. Now that I’m thinking about it, most of the things that remind me of you guys are food related. Make of that what you will.

Second, each one of you amazes me on a daily basis. Cameron, I know you self-deprecate for humorous effect, but I think you’re worth a million sunflowers. Rachel, you’re one of the kindest and most modestly beautiful people I have met; you’re Cinderella in real life. Erin, I love your honesty and incontrovertible sense of humor, but I think I like your strong sense of self the most. Sam, you are a jack of all trades; I don’t know how else to describe it. You’re an athletic nerd who can write some of the most profound and existential prose I have ever read, and you amaze and inspire me. Maddy, I’m sorry that I’ve only met you this year because I have heard such great things about you since 7th grade. You didn’t disappoint. You are kind and adventurous, and you will be missed. Rayne, I’ve never met you, but people are constantly telling me about how morally and socially conscious you are. I hope I could have half of the courage you have to stand up for what you believe in. Hannah, you’re a lovely person, and I believe in you so much. Even on your toughest days off in Chicago, know that I’m still betting on you. We’ll see your name in lights someday soon. Brandon, I love you so so much, and I never get to see you now that you’re in a different class. I love how you’re unapologetically yourself at all times. I’m sorry I couldn’t be around to witness that as much this school year. Perri, I always brag about you to my friends and family; it’s so exciting to get to know someone like you. Without question, you are the nicest and most considerate person I have met. You are certainly one of the clearest mouthpieces of God in this county. Emma, out of all the seniors, I’ve had the privilege of working closest with you and getting to know you best. We’ve known each other for three years, and I can’t imagine journalism without you. I might miss you most of all.

Third, I know Ms.Rose requires you all to send your stories through me in editing, and the school requires you to be in the same class as me. I want to thank you each for sharing even the smallest parts of your lives with me. I’ll miss you all so much.

Lea DiMatteo

I would like to say goodbye to one of my best friends, Perri Rabbitt. Perri has inspired me for as long as I can remember. I am so grateful that we have become so close this year. Perri has taught me so much about my faith and being nice to everyone I come across. I am so thankful for her, and I will miss her being in my class so much. Perri, I love you so much, and thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Thank you for asking me everyday how I am and if I’m okay. You have such an impact on everyone you meet, and after you leave, someone is going to have big shoes to fill. I love you so much.

Maddy James

I have known high school would end eventually, and I would go off to college. It has not hit me how soon that is until now, when graduation is only 3 ½ weeks away. I am a mixture of emotions: excited, nervous, happy, sad. I am ready to start this new chapter of my life, but it does not make it easier to say goodbye to this school which has been my home for the past four years. So here I am, saying goodbye to the last bit of my adolescence. It’s been a wonderful senior year, and I am grateful for everything my teachers and peers have taught me. I will miss you all, and I wish everyone at the school the most wonderful life as I embark on mine. The sweetest of goodbyes to you all.

Matthew McFadden

Although we will still keep in touch, I would like to say goodbye to my best friend,  Alannah, who is moving to Arizona this summer.  We started talking in seventh grade, and our friendship quickly grew from there.  I am so lucky that I was able to spend so much time with her during marching band, as she makes me so happy.  It seems like, every moment I’ve spent with her, I was smiling and laughing like an idiot.  She has been the first person I turn to if I have a problem, and I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me.  I love her, and I wish her all the best in Arizona.

Morgan Champion

It seems like only yesterday that I walked through the doors of North Forsyth High School for the first time. Timid and unsure of what the year may hold. It seems like only twenty four hours ago, I strolled into new classrooms, filled with people I didn’t know and things I didn’t understand. Above all, it seems like a mere day ago that I stepped foot into this room and found myself immersed into not only a new group of people but also a family.

As the year has progressed, I have experienced many, many new things, both good and bad. I have made new friends, some greater than others. It will be so incredibly hard to say goodbye, but as it’s said, “All good things must come to an end.” So, now, I would like to take this time to say my farewells to the unforgettable souls who have made my freshman year memorable:

Queen aka Noelle: I don’t know what to write except “thank you.” Thanks for putting up with me in the afternoons when I have rants; thanks for reading my stories, thanks for fangirling with me. But above all, thank you so  much not only for being one of my best friends, but also for being an amazing queen. I love you more than Tobias loves loves Dauntless cake. Don’t go butter-knifing people anytime soon.

Amanda: We both have so many baes; I can’t even keep track. We were inseparable in elementary school, and we’re inseparable now. I love our Lit class adventures. I love Morgan Monday’s. I love your One Direction jam sessions. But most of all, I love you. Don’t ever change because you will make your mark on the world. I’ll miss you so much next year, but I know you’ll do great in photography. Eggy loves you, Sarcastic Friday.

Mama Qui Qui: Katherine, Katherine, Katherine. I love you more than the Bemmett shippers ship Bemmett. I can’t imagine a world without you and your cheese, and I don’t want to. We have so many inside jokes. For example: JANGO (and our late night strolls through Walmart)! Yes, I went there. I could write a million words about you but let me just say goodbye. See you around, Mama Qui Qui.

And see you around, freshman year…

Natalie Wilson

This is my ever-so ironic goodbye to my sophomore self. After the mental breakdowns, failing grades, and scarring heartbreaks that I’ll never forget from this year, all there is to do now is to move on. With life experiences under my belt and a new view on picking friends and talking to boys, junior year has so much to offer. I’m ready to wave hard times out of the way to lunge for the bright with nothing tying me down.

Noelle Walker

Goodbye to everyone I have lost. This includes the people who left me and the people who I left. I’m sure there were explanations on why we went our separate ways, whether they were known or not, and I will respect that. I believe that God has a reason for every single person He puts in your life, and if they leave, it’s for a reason. No one knows how people will affect one’s life, even if it is only for a short amount of time, and I hope I’ve left a good fingerprint on yours.

Owen Wickman

I would like to say good bye to the Swedish Empire. Following the death of Charles XII of Sweden, the empire and its absolute monarchy have broken, and my heart broke with them. Good bye for now, Swedish Empire, for one day, I will restore you and reclaim all your lost territory. I will reinstate the bloodline of Carolus Rex on the throne and bring order to a world in chaos. You may be leaving us for now, but I will bring you back to rule Europe. Rest in Russia.

Perri Rabbitt

I’m saying goodbye to trying to be perfect. I don’t mean that I’m going to start racking up regrets and making terrible choices just because I acknowledge that people make mistakes. I’m talking about accepting the beauty within myself even though it isn’t perfect. I’m talking about turning in my projects with ease and excitement because it is my best work, even though it isn’t perfect. I’m talking about not criticizing myself, looking down on myself, disappointing myself because I’m not perfect. When I go to prom next week, I will not look perfect, according to the world’s definition. My body will be curvy, fed, and, no, not every leg hair will be shaven away. My face will have breakouts, and my lips won’t be perfectly glossed. My hair will stick up in the places it always does, and I’ll still do the dorky dances that I was born doing. And that is beautiful. I am embracing who I am, and releasing the urge within me to conform to the world’s image of perfect, because I am perfect in the only eyes that matter, the eyes that see truth.

Rachel McCord

Although I do not have to say goodbye quite yet, I know it will be bittersweet when I leave for college and have to leave my sisters and dad. Berry College is only about an hour and a half from my home, but I know that it will still be difficult to not have my family with me all the time. I am going to miss my dad’s wisdom and over-protective nature and my sisters’ humor and personalities. I know that I will make many new memories in college, but no one could ever replace my family.

Raicheal Havins

I don’t have many friends that are graduating this year, but I will miss the ones who are very much. Most I met when I was a shy, unsure freshman. They took me under their wing when they were juniors, and from there, our friendships grew. Now, those friends of two years are graduating and moving on to bigger and better things. I will miss them, and I hope that we can remain in contact. Here, at the end of our time in school together, goodbye, my friends.

Rhiannon Martin

Goodbye to Freshman Year. Good-bye to all nighters. Good-bye to stress. Good-bye to being the babies of the school. Goodbye to cramming for tests. Goodbye to treating people with respect, though they do not do the same for me. Goodbye to my negative outlook on school. Goodbye to putting grades before sleep. Goodbye to putting grades before social skills. Goodbye to putting grades before health. Goodbye to school. I’ll see you after this too-short amazing summer. I’ll once again walk through your doors, but this time, I’ll be one year older. I’ll be different, but you won’t. I’ll still feel the same stress and emotions when I hear someone say “school.” I’ll still have a negative mindset about you, but I’ll remember what you taught me. I will not worry about the dreaded day in August when I walk through your doors again; I will wait until that day rolls around to worry, to dread, to stress. So, this is my goodbye to you until next year.

Alex Rogers

Despite the fact that I will return to the Journalism class next year, I still want to say goodbye to Journalism because after this year it will never be the same. I came into Journalism this year, expecting to find an easy class that I could get through the year with. I ended up finding a family. I came into this class a shy girl almost scared to talk with people. Going through the year in this class, I was able to find myself as Alex and made real connections with all the people in the program along with our supervisor Ms. Rose. At the end of this year, all of our seniors will be leaving along with Ms. Rose, so as I hope for their success in their futures, I will continue to cherish these people as friends.  I will miss them every day.

Sam Perryman

Goodbyes are always hard, but sometimes, they can be necessary for growth. As a senior, I have finally made it through four years of high school, and that comes with a lot of hard goodbyes. Leaving my family and friends for the first time will be life changing; I feel like I’m a fledgling sparrow falling out of my nice, comfortable nest. But life is about stepping outside of your comfort zone, and the goodbyes that I will have to say are hard but necessary.

Savannah Keith

The year of 2014-2015 has been a slightly adventurous walk down a rather melancholy road with lots of cracks in the sidewalk to look for flowers in. I have met and bonded with the passerby, and with joy and grief, I have let them go all the same. I wish my lovely upperclassmen friends the best of luck as they proceed into the next step of life and into colleges and with their bands into the world.  I’ll miss those who will filter out of my life, and I’ll keep their memories for those who come in. I’ll especially miss my sweet Journalism advisor, Ms. Rose. There has never been such a period of growth in my writing or in my life as when I joined journalism. Ms. Rose has been especially supportive, encouraging, and brilliant when the world itself was dim. She has been the most caring and enduring teacher and advisor I’ve ever had, and even on the lowest days, her shining personality has peeked through clouds like the sun and offered to shine light on the worst of it. Without her, I’m not sure exactly what I’d lack today, but I know it would be a pretty void space with the absence of all I have learned about both poetry and love in the guidance of her supervision. I look forward to my next two years of conquering high school and reflect upon the last ones with a great amount of adoration and appreciation in its wake.

Seth Anderson

A goodbye I always knew was coming was to my childhood. “Ignorance is bliss” is one of those phrases that I completely agree with. Being young, not knowing what waited in the world before me, was one of the happier times for me. And while I can be happy now, I find it challenging to be consistently happy anymore. It’s always an uphill battle, no matter what I do. I can’t just stay home, playing with my toys, living out fantasies, flying through the stars. Now, I’m in high school, and my fantasies pertain to getting an A on my next test, getting accepted into Harvard, and having a perfect girlfriend. It’s a drastic change, but I still hold on to the precious childhood memories. Video games, cartoons, and sports have all stuck with me since childhood, and they aren’t leaving anytime soon. But now instead of playing games for fun all of the time, I’ll compete in them as well. And now when watching cartoons, I look at them more critically now than ever before. “Was that joke funny? Is that story good? Is that quote dated?” So while I waved goodbye to being a kid a long time ago, I still keep in touch with it every now and then. So even though it was bittersweet, it was never a goodbye.  

Tiffany Lovell

My friend committed suicide last September and left me without warning. I had no way to say goodbye or anyway to stop it because it was out of nowhere. The rumors spread like wildfire, yet I continued to remain immune as I built up an antibiotic of disbelief. She was only sixteen and seemed happy to me, yet she still felt the urge to do such a horrific thing to herself. Her funeral was absolutely devastating. I had never cried so much; her lifeless body took me back. I remember staring at her closed eyes and smiling sourly at how her parents chose to dress her. She always complained about how her parents wanted her to dress in more “girly” attire, yet she was the child who wanted to get a tattoo behind their back. I began to envision the laughs we shared as they lowered the coffin into the ground. Goofing off after school and joking about dating celebrities who were way too old for us. I’ll miss those days and I’ll always keep them in my heart. I will not allow them to be buried with her. Unlike some I don’t want to forget, I want to keep her and everything about her alive, as if it would make up for my inability to save her. If I could do anything, I’d go back in time and stop her, or at least, say goodbye.