Bloom Where You Are Planted


“You’re too afraid to grow, to prosper, to bloom. But what you’re able to sow, the potential has so much room.”

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

“Bloom where you are planted,”

You probably heard before,

But have you ever realized

How much it has in store?


You are too afraid to grow,

To prosper, to bloom,

But what you’re able to sow-

The potential has so much room.


Learn to love your surroundings

Accept where you are placed.

Don’t feel like you are drowning

There is so much to embrace.


Break out from your bubble,

Your eyes have much to see.

There is no need for trouble

Be what you are on Earth to be.


Your past will not define you,

The shame and the regret.

There is a God who desires

To forgive and to forget.


Circumstances are temporary

Tough times will soon pass

Throw that weight off your shoulders

Surely, there is greener grass.


So bloom where you are planted

Don’t stress over your pride

This life, you were granted

For Jesus will never leave your side.


Love without limits

Flourish with grace.

You are loved, so don’t worry

Because you are in the right place.