NFHS Holds First Annual Clubapalooza

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  • Fearless leader of the Pen and Paper club, Mrs. Smith.

  • The Swim Team at Clubapalooza.

  • Senior Sarah Hubbard explaining what Y-club is all about.

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Connor Tennies, Sports Editor

On the 21st of August, Principal Cheney decided that NFHS should do an event that introduces clubs to freshmen and sophomores. This new event, called Clubapalooza, was a big success. Here at North we strive for students to take on extracurricular activities in order to pursue their interests and support their options in the future. Before and after school activities are available and there is something for everyone.

“Clubapalooza is an important event for underclassmen. Our main goal is to get kids connected with an organization here at school. I started this event in my Freshmen Academy (a community to assist freshmen students) over eight years at my old high school,” said Principal Cheney.

The Palooza increased talk about all extracurricular activities. “I didn’t know most of these clubs existed until now,” said freshman James Todd. “I feel I should try these sports; it could help me in college.”

Club membership has also increased with new people exploring. Iowa State University research has shown that students who are involved in clubs or other extracurricular activities will improve the welfare of schools.

If you want any information about clubs or events, please talk to Coach Turner, the supervisor of all extracurricular activities in room 623. Also, see individual club sponsors, who can give you details about their specific clubs.

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