UN rejects US embargo of Cuba


The United States-Cuba embargo is over after 53 years of hostility. The underwhelming support for the US in this decision was startling. “The continuation of the embargo is totally unjustified and against Cuba’s efforts to achieve a sustainable development,” Ali Khoshroo, the Iran ambassador, said.

Raicheal Havins, News Editor

In late October, the United Nations met and discussed the US-Cuba embargo. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of ending the 53-year economic standoff. Of the 192 members, only four voted in favor of sustaining the embargo. The US was supported by Israel, Marshall Islands, and Palau. The Federation States of Micronesia was the only member that abstained from voting.

The initial reason for the embargo, as shown by documents released in 1990, was to instill “disenchantment and disaffection among the Cuban people.”  The reason for the vote was that the United States was full “with arrogance and political blindness”.

The outcome resulted in the overturning of the embargo. With only four votes in opposition, the majority won. As of that day, the embargo is “ended”; however, the decision cannot be enforced.