Top News-Worthy Headlines of 2015

The Dress, a popular trend in 2015, had everyone, including popular celebrities, talking.

The Dress, a popular trend in 2015, had everyone, including popular celebrities, talking.

Morgan Champion, Arts and Entertainment Editor

From horrific terrorist attacks, to bacteria infested burritos, everyone was affected by one headline or another at some point in 2015. Now that the chaotic year has finally drawn to a close, here is a recap of some of the biggest stories to make the front page in 2015.

Paris Attacks

Perhaps one of the most covered terrorist attacks in years transpired on November 14 when at least 128 innocent citizens were killed in multiple locations all around Paris, France. One of these attacks occurred at a concert, another during a sporting event, and finally, a handful of restaurants were closed due to destruction when gunmen entered their doors and shot unsuspecting costumers. The world was sent in a panic as #PrayingForParis trended globally, and leaders become more worried about keeping ISIS out of their borders.


Chipotle has always been known for their fresh ingredients and high quality food; however, in December of 2015, health officials linked an outbreak of E Coli bacteria to their burritos. Nine states have been effected, including California, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. As of December 21st, there have been 53 cases, as well as 20 hospitalizations from the burritos. However, there is no need to fret about the issue, as it has recently been solved by both Chipotle and health officials.


One Direction

Millions of fans were heartbroken after world famous British/Irish boyband, One Direction, announced that they would be taking a well-deserved break beginning in 2016. Obviously, 2015 was a busy year for the boys, as former member Zayn Malik left the group to pursue a solo career in March, and news broke out that Louis Tomlinson was expecting his first child in July. Their fantastically successful On the Road Again world tour wrapped up in October, and their fifth studio album, Made in the A.M., debuted at #1 in the U.K. and #2 in the U.S., second to only Justin Bieber. Thankfully for fans, however, the group continues to assure media that they love every part of their jobs and will definitely be back with more record-breaking singles and sold out stadium tours in the future.


Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour

One of the most popular singers today definitely made her mark in 2015. Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour took place over eight months and played to over one million people worldwide. It grossed roughly $200 million in ticket sales, and featured artists such as Selena Gomez, Tove Lo, Miranda Lambert, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Fifth Harmony, Andy Grammer, and more. Many other celebrities also made appearances, like Kendall Jenner and Ellen Degeneres. Along with her world famous special guests, Swift belted out hits such as “Bad Blood” and “Style,” making her show a memorable one.


The Dress

In February of 2015, someone tweeted a picture of their dress, never dreaming that it would become a viral sensation all around the world. However, this one black-and-blue/white-and-gold article of clothing had everyone, even popular celebrities, questioning themselves. People had heated arguments over its real color, so much so that the family who first tweeted the picture made an appearance on The Ellen Show to settle the debate once and for all. Apparently, the dress is in fact black-and-blue, but that did not stop “Team White-and-Gold” from trying to disprove the truth. Overall, #TheDress, even with its simplicity, definitely had people talking in 2015.


Apple Watch

In the world of technology, 2015 was a substantial year. Companies released new gadgets left and right, but the one that made the most headlines had to be the Apple Watch. Since its release on April 24th, the Apple Watch has exceeded over five million sales, and the numbers are continuing to rise. This simple but useful piece of technology is Apple’s most successful product, with the iPhone doing well and the iPad beginning to decline in sales, and the company is rumored to release a second generation watch sometime in April of 2016.


Star Wars

2015 was the year of the long-awaited return of the Star Wars franchise, as Disney released the latest addition to the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December.  In its first weekend alone, the movie made $238 million, exceeding the profits of the last four movies by more than a million dollars. The movie features a variety of new characters and plot line as well as the return of beloved old ones such as Luke Skywalker and R2D2 so that viewers are offered a fresh start to the series, while still keeping the classic Star Wars feel.


Syrian Refugees

World leaders became particularly worried about Syrian refugees this past year. With growing terrorist threats, everyone is on edge. And with growing populations of countries, world leaders are working long hours to keep illegal citizens out. However, thanks to a combination of violence and poverty, there are 60 million refugees worldwide today.


These eight headlines are just a few of the many that graced our newspapers, TV screens, and websites in 2015, and even though the year has drawn to a close, they will definitely be remembered and make an impact in 2016.