Starting up Lacrosse Season


The lacrosse season is inching closer and everyone is excited.

Kayla Salemi, Opinion Editor

A myriad of sports have recently kicked off their seasons and among the lot, lacrosse. North Forsyth High School’s lacrosse department is pumped for the new year. In addition to the many freshmen that have come out, North Forsyth has a new JV boy’s lacrosse coach, history teacher Jake Castleberry. This may be his first year coaching and second year teaching at North Forsyth, but he appears to be a promising addition. After sitting down with Coach Hilton, the head coach of the lacrosse department, I was able to find out a few details about this upcoming season.


KS: What are your thoughts on the students that are trying out for lacrosse this year?

DH: We have a bunch of new athletes coming from a variety of sports, and they look very promising. Most of them are returners, and they will be very successful this year.

KS: Who are your biggest rivals?

DH: Well everyone is a rival, but mostly South and West. Of course Lambert is a very big one as well.

KS: Are there any star players that had played last year that you are looking forward to coach again?

DH: Yes, Jake Day, Tucker Davis, Mason Jolly, and others. I look forward to coaching everyone and hope to have a great season.

KS: Who are the first two teams you will be versing this season?

DH: We will be playing Lambert and Northview the first two games. Our scrimmage is against Dunwoody High School.

KS: How many years have you been coaching?

DH: I coached four years at the middle school, two years at the college level, and almost five at the high school level.

Many of the players are also very excited about the new season and are ready to suit up. Quinn Lewis, a returning sophomore, states, “I am so pumped for this season and playing the sport I love most with an awesome group of guys.” Good luck this season and have fun.