Cubs Rolling Right Along

The Cubs plan to retain the number 1 spot in the MLB rankings. Photo Credit: EXTRA Newspaper

The Cubs plan to retain the number 1 spot in the MLB rankings. Photo Credit: EXTRA Newspaper

Bailey Young, Staff Writer

With the Chicago Cubs being having one of the best preseason rankings coming into this season, expectations were high for the Cub fans. 2016 was a very big year for the Cubs and their fans, because this is the 100th year at Wrigley Field. They first started playing at Wrigley Field in 1916, so they wore a patch on their home uniform saying and wear their 1916 throwback uniforms throughout the year. Chicago opened up against the Los Angeles Angels while acquiring a win. On opening day, Joe Maddon decided to start his best 9 players, so the Cubs could have the best way to start off the season right.  They Cubs gave the Angels a run for their money and won 9 to 0. There has not been this much hype around this franchise in a while, and they are off to a great start to meet those high preseason expectations.

The Cubs began to face adversity dealing with trades, discipline, and injuries. Even dealing with the early season loss to Kyle Schwarber (tearing his ACL early in the season), the Chicago Cubs continue to destroy teams within their division and even teams outside of their division. Sadly, Kyle’s injury was a season ending injury, and the Cubs needed to find a replacement for Schwarber quickly. It was discussed between coaches and Jorge Soler was picked to replace the All-Star. Trades were present in the season, and the Cubs acquired LHP Giovanni Soto from the Cleveland Indians for cash. This team was getting back on pace, but another injury happened. The Cubs had to face more adversity and overcome it. Catcher Miguel Montero was placed on the DL due to a back injury on April 28th.

With the adversity that was present for the Cubs, they overcame it. They stayed determined to play elite baseball and control the NL Central. They have posted an outstanding 15-5 record for the first 20 games. They are 10-3 on the road, and 5-2 at home. The Chicago Cubs lead the NL Central by two games. The second place team behind them are the Pittsburgh Pirates at a 13-9 record. They have a .75 win percentage on the whole season, posting the best win percentage in their division.  The Cubs are now ranked number 1 in all of Major League Baseball. Their ace, Jake Arrieta, is 21-0 in his last 21 starts, and has only compiled a .86 earned run average (ERA). IF the Cubs continue to play like this, they can become a high favor to win the World Series.