Lady Raider Lacrosse Says Goodbye to Seniors


Seniors, Nina Carter, Clair Holbrook, and Corinne Thompson, play their last home game in Raider Valley. They fought hard to earn their last victory on home turf.

Hailey Yarbrough, Associate Editor

Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse came to an end Tuesday, April 26th with a hard fight against the Northview Titans resulting in a devastating loss. The Raiders had outstanding games against teams like Whitewater and Norcross high school, but the most heartfelt game of the season was April 19th, Senior Night.

The Lady Raiders celebrated their three seniors, Corinne Thompson, Nina Carter, and Clair Holbrook, during half time of the varsity game. Gainesville high school took the Raiders head on at Raider Valley, but they were no match for the Raiders lacrosse team. With the special event going on that night the girls were pumped and prepared for the game ahead, and it showed in the score, 16-2. Senior Corinne Thompson led the team with the most goals of two perfectly executed penalty shots and four shots on goal. The most shocking out of all the plays of the game was when goalie, Clair Holbrook, was substituted off the field by junior Annie Dale, and she suited up to play offense. Going in with no experience of offensive techniques or plays, Holbrook drove to the goal when she caught the ball in order to fulfill her senior wish, scoring a goal—unheard of in any goalie’s case.  Another Raider who showed hustle was senior Nina Carter with two interceptions and one point on goal. Gainesville Elephants struggled to keep up with the quick legs and excellent stick skills of the Lady Raiders. The varsity game ended with a score of 16-2.

After the victory, the girl’s varsity had a cookout at Raider Valley to acknowledge the seniors. The dads grilled as moms served the food to the waiting players and siblings of the varsity team. Everyone felt the comradery of the team and enjoyed the homemade platters.