Student Life at North: Fall 2016


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  • Sophomore Rachel Hennessey loves being apart of the club PAALS.

  • Juniors Drake Jennings and Kyle Martin, both huge fans of sports here at North Forsyth, enjoy spending time with all of their friends at lunch everyday!

  • Kambree Clark a senior here at NFHS is anticipating the day she graduates high school.

  • Kaylee Brower is a junior and enjoys spending her time in various clubs and participating in school activities with her friends.

  • Isaac Rickett, a sophomore at NFHS enjoys spending time with his friends at lunch!

  • Junior, Bobby Andrews, is very involved in school activities here at NFHS! He is a member of Student Council and DECA.

  • Senior year for Lamiya Hussain is proving to be a challenge. With her tough AP classes, Lamiya is quickly catching senioritis. Even though the work is tough, she cannot wait for graduation! She has enjoyed making new friends and exploring all of the offered clubs.

  • Dean Irwin and Turner Eison are both members of the band program and find that it is their “favorite part of the day”. In regards to the new update for Apple, Turner states he “is very excited”; whereas Dean is not since he has the rivaling brand of Android.

  • Cami Tingler, Annie Carpenter, Ansley Carber, Lily Cooper and Madison Martin have all been friends for as long as they can remember. “I’ve known Lily and Madison since kindergarten” says Ansley.

  • Sophomores Maggie Majerus and Natalie Worley, two valued yearbook-staffers, take a break to pop a pose that “represents their friendship.” (Journalism kids don’t actually hate yearbook kids.)

  • Austin Yarborough checks out through the newest gym.

  • Brendan and Cameron motivate each other as they work on assignments for their classes.

  • Dakota works on an essay for Environmental Science.

  • Jacob Bening and Adam Marks prepare for their improve scene in Mr. Walden’s class, where they will impersonate janitors and sweep the stage. The scenes are based on the upcoming play they will put on, Aladdin.

  • Ethan Pope waits for his turn to play volleyball in his team sports class. He takes the course because he “enjoy[s] having a free period of nothing but team sports” to do each day.

  • Jon Aiken practices basketball in the mostly empty newest gym.

  • Madison Wetmore files important documents for the school.

  • Rebecca sits at the front desk, ready to check students in and out.

  • Friends Wren Higgins and Katie Millford sit watching the clock count down to the end of class. Team sports is “not fun,” according to both girls. Regardless, it can still more be enjoyable than struggling through an AP course or extra math class.

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