“After School” App Invades North Forsyth High School


The “After School” app, much like “Whisper,” allows the user to anonymously comment about anything. The user can also choose a school name so the comments made will all be from people who attend that school.

Kenya Espinoza, Staff Writer

“After School” is an application that has increased in popularity at North due to the application sending selected people messages after they sign up. The app has reached 13,880 downloads from those more than 600 people attend North Forsyth High. This application allows the downloader to anonymously comment about anyone or anything, and requires a person to recommend six people to join during the sign-up process.

Is this app beneficial? It can be beneficial and it can also be inconvenient. Anyone can comment on anything or anyone they desire. Sometimes it could be great because someone could confess to having a crush just because they wanted to tell somebody, but could not actually do it in person. Also, someone could type up a nice comment and make someone’s day. On the other hand, the opposite could also occur. An individual could have been having a terrible day and wanted to take it out on someone, because of that they could easily go on the app and attack someone through it. No one would know who had made the terrible comment. The worse part being that all the horrible comments made toward someone could really hurt them and their self-esteem.

What do you think about the app?