The Continuous Explosion of Samsung Industry


Two Samsung products have gone wrong — both Samsung washers and phones have malfunctioned in the time frame of a month.

Ramya Raja, Staff Writer

Beginning with the launch of the their Note 7, and now continuing on to the brand’s washing machines, Samsung has recalled millions of their products due to combustible reasons. The South Korean company began experiencing complications nearly immediately after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 19, 2016.

Samsung sought to come out with a new phone quickly to rival the reveal of the iPhone 7; however, the quality of the Samsung was far below expectations and standards.

Consumers were at first complaining about intense heat coming of the phone’s battery after long use or when charging, until finally the phones were said the be catching fire, during or after use, or when charging. After complaints, explosions, and combustible problems, Samsung reluctantly recalled their newly released product, leaving the iPhone 7 with virtually no competitive rival.

The industry continued the trend of exploding products when not even a month later reports of potentially lethal washing machines poured in, Samsung machines. Although these explosions did not result in flames, reports of flying debris and damaged households have turned into lawsuits against Samsung. Supposedly, the machines violently shook when used with heavy loads, such great vibration of the machine causes malfunction of the main centrifuge. This malfunction is what has caused house and property destruction.

Although loyal consumers have faith that the famous South Korean company will restore its name, many do not. They have lost their trust in the brand and are fearful on any future or current products produced by the company.