The Truth About Shawn Mendes: A Fan’s Perspective

Shawn Mendes performs a few songs during an intimate soundcheck before the Atlanta show of his recent world tour on July 17 at the Fox Theater.

Shawn Mendes performs a few songs during an intimate soundcheck before the Atlanta show of his recent world tour on July 17 at the Fox Theater.

Morgan Champion , Poetry Editor

“I think I was just bored one Sunday afternoon, and I decided to post a little video of myself singing and playing a guitar out of tune…”—Shawn Mendes


A former Viner and a part of the MAGCon team, Shawn Mendes has stolen the hearts of millions of teenage girls worldwide since his discovery in 2013. Although he is only 18 years old, the viral sensation has already released a number one album, sold out multiple world tours, taken home many prestigious awards and, most recently, released his second studio album, Illuminate, on September 29. The album features a more mature sound for Mendes, as he feels he has grown both personally and musically. The singer continues to beam about how much pride he has for the album and for his growing fanbase, “I hope you love this album,” he tweeted, “Thank you for giving me the inspiration to create something that I’ll keep with me for a lifetime.”

Besides receiving support from worldwide celebrities, Illuminate has quickly climbed up the iTunes chart, and Shawn Mendes is predicted to be one of the youngest artists in history to reach #1 on the Billboard Top 100. “Shawn Mendes’ voice makes me smile,” says Justin Bieber, “Truly a gift to be able to move people’s emotions through songs! So proud of you brother!” As if support from the biggest names in music was not enough, Shawn’s dedicated fans, the “Mendes Army,” have even managed to trend multiple Twitter hashtags such as #IlluminateBuyouts in support of the album, boosting CD sales tremendously. However, despite his enormous value, Shawn insists that it is not all about the money but rather the music he makes and how it impacts people. “We called the album Illuminate because music lifts people out of their dark times,” he revealed to iHeart Radio, “I have a song called “A Little Too Much,” and now, even two years later, I hear girls all over the world talk about how it has impacted them. I wanted this album to have the same effect.”

Songs such as “Understand” and “Hold On” continue to show his humble and selfless personality, as he writes about the struggles of growing up and dealing with the challenges and perks of fame. “I try to keep my life as normal as possible,” he assures the hosts of The Talk in a recent interview, “It all happened in about three years, so it’s kind of hard to take in. It’s not when I’m doing incredible things like playing Madison Square Garden that I realize all that’s happened. The other day I was looking through pictures on my phone at the gym, and it all hit me.”

Despite Mendes’ continued reassurance of his humble and loving attitude, he has fallen victim to false portrayal within the media. In a recent interview with Billboard, Shawn claims that he was portrayed as cocky and ungrateful. “I explained how I’m growing up, and so are you guys and how it takes time for you all to understand me and me to understand you,” he told his fans after it was published, “It’s really unfortunate when what you say gets turned into the bad version of it. I’m sorry guys.” His love for his fans continues beyond just social media. Mendes has stated in multiple interviews throughout the years that he considers both him and his fanbase a team. “I remember faces. I remember names. They so honestly tell me what they think about everything I do. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. ” he said.

Whether it be his newest album, his looks, his too-perfect-to-be-real personality or his love for his family and for muffins, Shawn Mendes has far surpassed just a popular teenage singer; he has become a sensation. From six second Vines, to Youtube covers, to performances with other Internet celebrities, to selling out world tours, and possibly being nominated for a Grammy, Mendes is by far one of the biggest names in the world. The singer does not plan to stop his hard work and motivation. In fact, some might say that his mark on the world will only grow from here.  “I work so hard to make sure that I’m successful. If you’re positive and really enthusiastic and excited about what you’re doing, it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen big time.”