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Lee Brice steals the show with his cover of “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen. Justin Moore then took the stage and wooed the audience with his amazing voice and performance.

Justin Moore and Lee Brice Take On the Fox Theater

Hailey Yarbrough, Editor- in- Chief May 9, 2017

Country artists Justin Moore and Lee Brice put on an outstanding concert on Jan. 21 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Country music fans arrived to the Fox from all areas of the Southeast to listen to the...

This picture captures Twiddle’s “When It Rains It Pours” being played in the relaxing fall weather. It is the perfect song to listen to at any time in the year!

Five Incredible Songs You Have Never Heard Of

Abby Marks, Staff Writer December 13, 2016

Music is a big part of society today, whether it be a stress reliever, a hobby or a way to fall asleep. However, with new songs always hitting iTunes, many students miss out on incredible songs to listen...

Shawn Mendes performs a few songs during an intimate soundcheck before the Atlanta show of his recent world tour on July 17 at the Fox Theater.

The Truth About Shawn Mendes: A Fan’s Perspective

Morgan Champion, Poetry Editor November 7, 2016

“I think I was just bored one Sunday afternoon, and I decided to post a little video of myself singing and playing a guitar out of tune…”—Shawn Mendes   A former Viner and a part of...

Kimya Dawson, aged 43, is a songwriter who worked with plentiful of other artists in the

punk folk genre and on movies such as Juno. Photo used from Kimya Dawson’s public Twitter account.

Kimya Dawson: Soccer Mom Punk

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer March 8, 2016

Kimya Dawson, a forty-three-year-old punk rock soccer mom with conspiracy theories about what scientists are telling us about what’s really in the ocean and knuckle tattoos that say "LAFF LOUD" and "ROCK...

This playlist can calm any procrastinator’s nerves during a cram session. Full of diverse songs, the playlist never gets boring and keeps you interested.

Study Playlist

Jade Flack, Staff Writer February 2, 2016

Studying could possibly be the most boring thing on the planet, but this playlist is sure to keep you alert. Filled with many popular, but soft songs, this playlist can help refocus your mind without frying...

Some songs are not as good as they could be. When an artist recreates a song, the song can fill its full potential.

15 Covers that are Better than the Originals

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer May 12, 2015

Cover songs are great because the cover artist can usually bring something to the song that the original artist could not. Sometimes the cover becomes more famous than the original song. On the other hand,...

“Instead of making it big in the music industry, these artists leave their audience hanging, and hoping for another hit song sometime soon.”

One Hit Wonders That Will Never Die Out

Rhiannon Martin, Staff Writer April 27, 2015

“One hit wonders” are just about as simple as any form of art can be, but on the other hand they can be complicated too;  the stereotypical theory behind a “one hit wonder” is when an artist releases...

A playlist for those moments when you want to take a leap back into your childhood.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Noelle Walker, Facebook Admin February 13, 2015

Practically all children have seen one or two Disney movies in their lifetime. Even if you don’t remember the actual movie, chances are, you remember the songs. From the classics to the newest, all of...

Chill out to these old classics and new favorites on your lazy days.

Lazy Day Melodies

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer February 12, 2015

As tired teenagers, we all seem to have those lazy days full of procrastination and desire for pure relaxation. This variety of music is for the days when you just want to chill out and be surrounded...

Taylor Swift Comes “Out of the Woods” in her Revealing Fifth Album

Hailey Yarbrough and Caitlin Shelby, Sports Editor and Literature Editor December 10, 2014

World famous and fresh-faced, Taylor Swift released her newest album on October 27, 2014. 1989 is a perfect blend of modern pop music and alternative. Its energetic songs like “Shake it off” and many...

Copy of the Playlist designed by Erin Dickman, Senior.

Playlist: Modern Alternative–A Breath of Fresh Air

Erin Dickman, Social Media and Promotion September 23, 2014

This playlist is for those who are sick of the repetitive radio and Pop genre. This breath of fresh air includes unique styling and voices from the harmonizing vocals of The Head and the Heart to the blunt,...

Standing in a crowd of people and watching your favorites perform is one of the greatest ways to let go and feel relieved.

For Those Off-Days

Reilly Deckard, Staff Writer May 19, 2014

For Those Off-Days 1. Anchor Down- Real Friends 2. Elevated- State Champs 3. Paint You Wings- All Time Low 4. Right Back At It Again- A Day To Remember 5. Gotta Get Out- 5 Seconds of Summer 6....

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