Study Playlist


This playlist can calm any procrastinator’s nerves during a cram session. Full of diverse songs, the playlist never gets boring and keeps you interested.

Jade Flack, Staff Writer

Studying could possibly be the most boring thing on the planet, but this playlist is sure to keep you alert. Filled with many popular, but soft songs, this playlist can help refocus your mind without frying it. The first couple song choices are specifically to get the gears going; as the playlist progresses, more popular songs are mixed in with smooth tunes. For the anxiety prone studiers, a few songs sprinkled in are proven to slow the heart BPM and calm the mind. This is definitely my go-to playlist when I have a test the next day, midterms in the near future, or just things to study from the day before.

  1. Weightless – Marconi Union
  2. Breathe – Telepopmusik
  3. Feel Flows – Slow Magic
  4. Silver – Caribou
  5. Castles Made of Sand – Jimi Hendrix
  6. Fantasy – Alina Baraz
  7. The Love You’re Given – Jack Garrat
  8. Woman – Rhye
  9. Strawberry Swing – Coldplay
  10. Gagging Order – Radiohead
  11. Shyer – London Grammar
  12. Teeth – The Japanese House
  13. Deadwater – Wet
  14. Someone New – Banks
  15. The Judge – Twenty One Pilots
  16. You Got What I Need – Joshua Radin
  17. Your Wildest Dreams – Warren Haynes
  18. Soulshine – Warren Haynes
  19. Iscariot – Walk The Moon
  20. Holocene – Bon Iver