Justin Moore and Lee Brice Take On the Fox Theater

Lee Brice steals the show with his cover of “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen. Justin Moore then took the stage and wooed the audience with his amazing voice and performance.

Lee Brice steals the show with his cover of “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen. Justin Moore then took the stage and wooed the audience with his amazing voice and performance.

Hailey Yarbrough, Editor- in- Chief

Country artists Justin Moore and Lee Brice put on an outstanding concert on Jan. 21 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Country music fans arrived to the Fox from all areas of the Southeast to listen to the recent top country hits by Justin Moore. William Michael Morgan opened for the two artists as an upcoming amateur in the industry with his only hit single “I Met A Girl” that frequents the radio stations.

Lee Brice rocked the stage with his vast amount of top songs in the music industry and others that he wrote for other artists that broke the top 100 country music list. Brice opened with his most known song “Parking Lot Party” which threw the crowd into a frenzy of adrenaline and excitement. Following the thrilling opening song, Brice filled his set with country listeners’ favorite tunes such as “Hard to Love”, “Show You Off Tonight”, “Good Man” and “Drinking Class”. Later in the act, he switched to a slower tempo and showed off his softer side by serenading the audience with “I Don’t Dance”, “That Don’t Sound Like You”, “Love Like Crazy” and “I Drive Your Truck”. One of the more relaxed songs that Lee Brice wrote for Garth Brooks, another popular country singer, was revealed to Brice in the middle of his solo song when his manager interrupted the artist. His manager began to explain to the crowd that “More Than a Memory” sung by Garth Brooks had just recently been awarded a diamond plaque which indicates that the songwriter had developed a song that was over ten million times. Brice ended his set with a new song that hadn’t even been released to the public yet giving the audience a special experience and preview to his next single.

Justin Moore followed Brice and was the headline for the American Made tour, and the crowd screamed and yelled in pure elation as the man of the hour walked onto the stage. The stage of the Fox theater was transformed into a mesmerizing display of raised platforms that held all different types of instruments being played. Moore started the concert with his older hit “Backwoods” which hyped the venue and created an exuberant atmosphere in the venue. Throughout the set, Moore sang his top hits from older albums such as “Small Town USA”, “Hank It”, “Bait a Hook” and “Flyin’ Down a Back Road” which put a sense of nostalgia for the country fans that haven’t heard these top hits in several years. Of course Justin Moore did not neglect giving his new album Kinda Don’t Care, released in 2016, some exposure. The leading song “Kinda Don’t Care” received a positive response from the audience when he introduced the newer hit and thrilled the singer in the potential outlook of his album’s impact on the music industry. Moore also shared several other newly released songs like “You Look Like I Need a Drink” and “Between You and Me” which sent the popularity of the artist through the roof.

Senior Sydney Tanner attended the concert in Atlanta and stated, “My favorite song of the night was when Justin Moore played “Somebody Else Will” which I listen to all the time on the radio and on my country playlist. Overall, the concert blew me away with the quality of the performances and the song choices of all the acts.”

In all, Justin Moore, Lee Brice and William Michael Morgan put on the best country concert and performances of the year and are expected to have promising success for all their future songs and careers.