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FFDP Releases Incredible New Album “F8”

Five Finger Death Punch dropped their eighth in-studio album “F8” with a total of 16 songs on it. This record is by far one of their best ones to date. Above is lead singer Ivan Moody at one of the FFDP shows. (Photo by Loudwire )

Cynda Allen, Opinion Editor

March 15, 2020

On Friday, Feb. 28, American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch (aka FFDP or 5FDP) dropped their eighth in-studio album “F8.” With a total of 16 songs on it, this record has to be by far one of their best ones yet. They added some new sounds to their new album but still managed to make th...

Justin Moore and Lee Brice Take On the Fox Theater

Lee Brice steals the show with his cover of “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen. Justin Moore then took the stage and wooed the audience with his amazing voice and performance.

Hailey Yarbrough, Editor- in- Chief

May 9, 2017

Country artists Justin Moore and Lee Brice put on an outstanding concert on Jan. 21 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Country music fans arrived to the Fox from all areas of the Southeast to listen to the recent top country hits by Justin Moore. William Michael Morgan opened for the two artists as an upcoming...

The Truth About Shawn Mendes: A Fan’s Perspective

Shawn Mendes performs a few songs during an intimate soundcheck before the Atlanta show of his recent world tour on July 17 at the Fox Theater.

Morgan Champion, Poetry Editor

November 7, 2016

“I think I was just bored one Sunday afternoon, and I decided to post a little video of myself singing and playing a guitar out of tune…”—Shawn Mendes   A former Viner and a part of the MAGCon team, Shawn Mendes has stolen the hearts of millions of teenage girls worldwide since his...

Dylan Gardener’s Debut Album proves to be Sensational

Dylan Gardner is a very successful artist with many talents. He has come a long way from recording YouTube covers; he recorded his debut album, “Adventures in Real Time,” in 2014. (Picture used with permission by Moxie)

Kristin Iler, Staff Writer

March 25, 2015

No surprise that the name Dylan Gardner is probably familiar; he is a YouTube sensation. He went viral with a cover of the Beatles “Abbey Road” that he constructed in 15-second increments. Since then, Gardner has hit many musical milestones, getting his singing career off to a great start. In 2013,...

The Second Brit Invasion: Rixton

The Second Brit Invasion:  Rixton

Cameron Conner, Staff Writer

December 16, 2014

As of late, a proverbial tide of well dressed, accented pop stars has been pouring over to the States from across the pond. Unsuspecting American teenagers have seemingly succumbed to this new breed of Anglophilia, and the appeal of boyish good looks, blatantly jolly lyrical content, and tight pants...

Gwen Stefani “Comeback” Proves Less than Stellar

Gwen stands in a fierce pose, reminiscent of Katniss Everdeen from “the Hunger Games,” in a promotional image for her new single “Baby Don’t Lie.” She is wearing a black unitard and is shrouded in a feathered shawl, invoking images of a bird taking flight.

Rayne Crivelli, Staff Writer

December 1, 2014

In conjunction with her first season as a judge on The Voice, Gwen Stefani is scheduled to release her third studio album (her first solo album since Sweet Escape, which debuted over six years ago). “Baby Don’t Lie” is her first single off of the still unnamed album and it leaves a bit to be desir...

Mary Lambert showing a whole different side of her with her new Album “Heart on My Sleeve”

Mary Lambert’s debut album released on October 14, 2013. She’s very excited top finally release something so deeply important to her. She is an openly outgoing individual, and stated, “Heart on My Sleeve” is a dusky love song that I chose as the title track because I felt it summed up how I approached writing the lyrics on the album.”

Kayla Salemi, Staff Writer

December 1, 2014

Mary Lambert’s debut album Heart on My Sleeve broke through the surface of the music industry on October 14, 2014. Lambert may best be known for featuring on the Grammy-winning single “Same Love” for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Lambert appeared in the chord of the “Same Love” single repeated...

New Music from Down Under

The two Aussie musicians have succeeded in bringing a fresh collection of heartfelt audible art to life.

Cameron Conner, Staff Writer

May 13, 2014

Nolita Knights,a charismatic indie duo hailing from Sydney, Australia has recently released their debut EP, Distance Kills. While only being composed of three songs, the release grabs hold of the listener with lush vocals, layered ambient guitars, and tasteful percussive backbeats that add pleasant nuan...

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