Marilyn Manson Delivers Remarkable New Album, “We Are Chaos”


American rock artist, Marilyn Manson, released his 11th in-studio album “We Are Chaos”. With a total of 10 songs on it, Manson experimented with new sounds and blended them into his unique style of music.

Brian Warner, aka Marilyn Manson, dropped his 11th in-studio album “We Are Chaos” on Sept. 11. For this album, Manson teamed up with record producer and country singer-songwriter, Shooter Jennings. Together, they created a masterful piece that is by far one of the best of Manson’s career.

Over the past 30 years, Manson has developed a signature sound that never manages to get old. “We Are Chaos,” on the other hand, doesn’t repeat any of Manson’s past works. Inspired by David Bowie, T. Rex, Alice Cooper, and 80’s new wave, Manson manages to make electronic-infused pop and southern rock sound good together. 

Manson has always emitted a dichotomy between two opposing forces, the light and the dark. It is only fitting that his albums follow the same pattern. “We Are Chaos” seems to head more towards the light, but it still contains elements of the gothic darkness and industrial rock that pervades all of Manson’s music. Every song on “We Are Chaos” flows well together and tells a story of its own.

From “Half-way & One Step Forward’s” harmonic piano patterns to “Broken Needle’s” acoustic-driven riffs, Manson gives his listeners a blend of different music genres all in one album. Red Black and Blue” and “Infinite Darkness” are arguably the heaviest and most industrial tracks on the album that relate to the overall story. “Paint You With My Love” drips with raw emotion from start to finish. “Perfume” is perhaps the most typical Manson song on the album with its upbeat drums and heavily distorted rhythm guitars, which give it an overall energetic feel. 

Senior Elizabeth Brady has been a fan of Manson since the seventh grade and really enjoyed listening to his new album. “I like how it sounds more like his older music. This album has a mix of different things which I personally like. My favorite songs off of the album are ‘Perfume, Paint You With My Love and Solve Coagula.’ ”

The various musical influences on “We Are Chaos” makes for an intriguing mix. It still has the infamous Manson sound, but the piano and guitar work send it more towards a Rock n’ Roll direction and less of an industrial direction. Manson always manages to add something new to each and every album. His music never disappoints.

This is a painting Manson posted on Instagram shortly after the release of his album. He painted both this and his album cover in watercolor. Photo by Marilyn Manson.