FFDP Releases Incredible New Album “F8”

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  • Five Finger Death Punch dropped their eighth in-studio album “F8” with a total of 16 songs on it. This record is by far one of their best ones to date. Above is lead singer Ivan Moody at one of the FFDP shows. (Photo by Loudwire )

  • This is the “F8” album cover featuring a snake in the shape of an infinity sign. (Photo by Five Finger Death Punch )

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On Friday, Feb. 28, American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch (aka FFDP or 5FDP) dropped their eighth in-studio album “F8.” With a total of 16 songs on it, this record has to be by far one of their best ones yet. They added some new sounds to their new album but still managed to make the songs all flow together. 

From Inside Out’s head-bangingly hard guitar riffs to A Little Bit Off’s acoustic pop twist, the quintet truly shows what all they are capable of in this album through their songs. There are a handful of acoustic songs on this record, but it still has plenty of hardcore songs that stick to the band’s heavy metal roots.

Originally, FFDP was going to name this new album “8,” but they started thinking deeper into the meaning and realized that the number eight rotated can be seen as an infinity sign. From there, they were able to play around with different designs and visuals. The band soon added the “F” in front of the “8” to symbolize Five Finger Death Punch’s eighth record; in addition, they also wanted the “F” to stand for “Fate.”

Over the years, listeners on the internet have made it clear that they aren’t fans of FFDP and feel like their music is below them. But as the band grows bigger and more successful, this crowd has slowly started to die down and has joined in with the band’s other loyal followers. 

Lead singer Ivan Moody, as well as his bandmates, have heard some of their haters and are perfectly fine with people harshly criticizing their music. In multiple different songs in their new album, they express their feelings on the hate that they have received in the past. The band members recognize the impact that they have left on the lives of their fans and that is what keeps them going. Five Finger Death Punch may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that shouldn’t take away from others’ enjoyment of the band.

Sophomores Reba Flores and Lane Norris are both big fans of FFDP who enjoyed listening to their new record. “The songs off of this album were both heavy and melodic (which I personally like). I feel like their music helps people see the world for how it really is. Their music is kinda like a scar, you may see the scar, but not the pain behind it or how they got it,” Flores stated. Norris agreed and added onto this by saying, “This album had some things on it that surprised me. In general, their music has given me more perspective on life. One of my personal favorites off of this album is Scar Tissue.”

“F8” has to be one of Five Finger Death Punch’s finest efforts to date. They have served fans with yet another incredibly well-crafted album that gives off the impression that the band will only go on to do better and bolder things in 2020 and beyond. These songs are bound to sound even more gut-punching heavy when played live. I cannot wait to see them in September at the Infinite Energy Arena with Ice Nine Kills, I Prevail and Papa Roach!

Update: The concert was canceled due to COVID :'(