Five Incredible Songs You Have Never Heard Of


This picture captures Twiddle’s “When It Rains It Pours” being played in the relaxing fall weather. It is the perfect song to listen to at any time in the year!

Abby Marks, Staff Writer

Music is a big part of society today, whether it be a stress reliever, a hobby or a way to fall asleep. However, with new songs always hitting iTunes, many students miss out on incredible songs to listen to. This list includes just five of many incredible songs that you have most likely never heard of.


  1. “Nothing Left to Say” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is mostly known for hit songs like “Demons” and “Radioactive”, but most teens probably have never heard of this one. This song features lead singer Dan Reynolds’ talented voice in an emotional song with upbeat drums and smooth vocals. “Nothing Left To Say” sells for $1.29 in the iTunes store.


  1. “When It Rains It Pours” by Twiddle

This rock song is not commonly known and is never heard on the radio; however, Mihali Savoulidis should be considered a genius for after creating it. “When It Rains It Pours” is a very fun song featuring incredible piano playing as well as guitar and drums. It is sold for 99 cents in the iTunes store.


  1. “Good Grief” by Bastille

“Good Grief” is a fast paced song that anyone can dance to. Dan Smith, the lead singer, uses impressive vocals all throughout the song. It is sold for 69 cents in the iTunes store.


  1. “In The Name of Love” by Martin Garrick and Bebe Rehxa

This song gives off a techno vibe and has a very interesting chorus. Bebe Rehxa sings the song while Martin Garrick creates the beat. It is sold for $1.29 in the iTunes Store


  1. “People Help the People” by Birdy

This is a slow song full of beautiful singing and lyrics. Jasmine Bogaerde, otherwise known as Birdy, is very talented and that definitely shows in this song.  It is sold for $1.29 in the iTunes store.


Every song on this list deserves more recognition than it has! Do not just take it from The Raider Wire. . . Listen to these songs for yourself!