Pigs Fly, Hell Freezes, Cubs Win

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer

In 108 years, people have lived and died, sliced bread was introduced, the Nuclear Bomb was created and dropped (not once but twice), 14 teams have been added to Major League Baseball… and the Chicago Cubs hadn’t won a world series. Until now.

After 7 games against an astounding Cleveland Indians team, coming back from a 3-1 deficit no less, the Cubs can finally say for the first time since people rode horses to the ballpark, “We are world champions.”

After a leadoff homer from Dexter Fowler, it seemed like a runaway win for the Cubs. After romping ahead to a 5-1 lead, Joe Maddon decided to switch out the red hot Kyle Hendricks for John Lester after a walk. This resulted in a comeback from the Indians, tying the game going into the ninth. After clutch pitching from both sides, a rain delay caused the 10th inning to be pushed back for 20 minutes. This was all the Cubs needed to regroup, as Jason Heyward called a team meeting to rally the troops. This resulted in 2 runs for the Cubs, more than enough to hold onto another rally from the Indians. After a run got across, Cubs fan nationwide started to bite their nails, their team wasn’t going to blow another championship run would they? In one 5-3 putout, their qualms were put to rest, and the city of Chicago celebrated into the night.