Microsoft Steps Up



Microsoft proudly showcases the Surface family on their homepage.

Jessica Prouty, Staff Writer

Leading up to Apple’s October MacBook event, users buzzed with excitement to see the newest laptop. Apple promised one of the greatest laptops produced: a thin, light-weight device with speed to rival competitor’s devices. In this new generation of MacBook, there is also a thumbprint scanner (similar to the fingerprint unlock on Apple’s iPhone) and a touch navigation bar on the keyboard for simple tasks, like as pausing music or seeing notifications. These new MacBook laptops are the ideal choice in laptop computers, and they have been released just in time for the holidays. However, never was there mention of another iMac, Apple’s famous large all-in-one desktop. In the absence of a new iMac, Microsoft saw an opportunity and took it.

Following their line of Microsoft Surface devices, the company decided it was time to throw a new competitor into the ring: The Microsoft Surface Studio. Throwing down the gauntlet against Apple, Microsoft presented its first stand-alone desktop computer, an all-in-one device that, as the word “studio” suggests, converts to a tablet by laying down flat on a desk surface to accommodate the user. Complete with a stylus, Microsoft’s Surface Studio is made to rival all other business computers, specifically Apple’s desktop line.

While users might be hesitant to step back from their current desktop of choice, Microsoft is confident that the Surface Studio is a worthy competitor of any other brand name desktop and will eventually rise to be one of the top selling PC computers.