Caramel M&Ms Coming in 2017


Caramel M&M’s are the most anticipated candy of the year and will surely prove to be loved by many people worldwide.

Daniel Snodgrass, Staff Writer

Mars Chocolate, the company behind the blockbuster chocolate M&M’s, has recently revealed a new perennial flavor for its beloved treat: caramel. The new flavor will offer a creamy, chewy caramel center covered in milk chocolate and coated in the signature M&M’s candy shell. It is expected to hit shelves in April next year.

The machinery needed to produce the upcoming flavor took years for the company’s engineers to develop. Similarly, scientists had to spend time perfecting the caramel recipe used, as to manufacture the proper consistency: they had to make sure the candy pieces did not crush easily.

Mars has been very open with sharing their reasoning behind this addition. A Mars spokesperson told Confectionary News, “Caramel is the fastest growing flavor segment in food and the fourth largest flavor segment within the overall chocolate [industry].” Moreover, according to Food Business News, “Mars Chocolate North America found in consumer research that M&M Caramel had the highest purchase intent of any M&M’s brand variant ever.”