Scholarships for College that Require Zero Effort

Senior Jack Scott, who admits he has not been looking or applying for scholarships, navigates for the first time. This website features thousands of scholarships, some of which are essay related, and some that are not. Scholarships are easy to search for, but it is hard to find the perfect one for you.

Kristin Iler, Sports Editor

With graduation around the corner, the procrastinators who thought that there would be more time to prepare for college are scrounging to find the easiest scholarships that take the least time to apply for. Below is a list of hassle-free, no-essay scholarships that almost anyone in need of money can apply for.

NextStepU Win Free Tuition

This website offers a $2,500 scholarship to one students who qualifies. All that you have to do to qualify is register on the site, and you will be entered automatically. 2017 $1,000.00 College Scholarship

This is a scholarship strictly for current college students. The scholarship offers $1,000 to go toward a student’s education simply by submitting a YouTube video about yourself, your past, what motivates you and how you can shape the future.

Student-View Scholarship

this scholarship is for high school seniors who plan to go to college or after high school classes. They choose 13 candidates for three different amounts of scholarships. The money amounts for the scholarships include one $4,000 scholarship, two $1,000 scholarships and ten $500 scholarships. All you have to do to enter this scholarship is take an online survey about local colleges in your area, and they will automatically enroll you.

Cappex Easy Money College Scholarship

This scholarship is for rising college freshmen. There are no videos or surveys required to enter this, but you do have to take two minutes to fill out a form for submission. They will take these forms and put them into a random drawing.

The “Tell a Friend” Scholarship Sweepstakes

This scholarship takes a different path for advertising. The gist is, when you enter this scholarship drawing, you will get a personal link that you can share on social media, email and text. When anyone clicks on that personal link, you will be entered into a $1,000 scholarship giveaway, and the people who click on said link will be entered to win a $500 scholarship.

The Sussle Scholarship

This scholarship is only for high-school seniors and undergraduates, but it is a monthly scholarship for $500. You can submit viral feed on your personal page (information found on the website), and that feed will then be judged and picked. Whoever gets picked will win the scholarship for the month.

All of these scholarships take less than 20 minutes to apply for and are useful for all of the last-minute applicants. They add up to be $9,000 in scholarship money, which is a lot for broke college students. That’s a whole lot of extra Ramen Noodles. Happy submitting!