NFHS Participates in “Week of Kindness”


: Heart-O-Grams were available during the lunch period on Tuesday, allowing students to spread kindness to their friends and peers free of charge.

Leilani Gibbons, Features Editor

During this past month of February, NFHS’s Student Council hosted daily events to celebrate the national “Random Acts of Kindness” week from Feb. 13 to 16. As they helped to spread joy and kindness throughout the school, there were various opportunities for students to get involved in showing appreciation for people who are often overlooked in daily life. There were various staff and faculty members who were commemorated for the day, reminding the school of their hard work and actions that are appreciated by all. The itinerary for the week was as follows:


On Monday, student council focused the day on teachers and acknowledging all of the effort and time that they put into their lesson plans and activities. The multitude of teachers at our school work tirelessly to educate students and prepare them to enter the world, a task that deserves endless thanks.


Tuesday was dedicated to students and spreading kindness through “Heart-Grams” that were given away during the lunch period and could be given to friends and peers. These consisted of a small valentine with a joke on it and a piece of candy attached, a creative way to send a thoughtful message to someone and make their day.


On Wednesday, the cafeteria and custodial staff were recognized and celebrated. Students were urged to thank and be extra polite to these men and women who go through so much to help our school run smoothly, who benefit the school more than they are identified for.


Finally, ending the short week, Thursday was centered around the bus drivers of North Forsyth and the vital job that they do, as they were delivered a snack and water for the road. Waking up at unearthly hours to safely transport students from around the county to their schools is something very few have the strength to do, especially when driving about 50 kids. This takes a level of patience that should be recognized and respected by all.


Students were encouraged to join STUCO in commemorating these people who help the school run by thanking them for the work that they do and making them feel especially appreciated during the week. The week ended successfully, bringing students and teachers alike together in spreading kindness and positivity throughout the halls of North Forsyth.