North’s Unknown Electives


Students have a wide variety of electives to pick from. Which one will you choose?

Melina Vergilis, Web Editor

Too many electives and classes are underestimated or overlooked at North. Since the 2017-2018 school year is slowly coming to an end, it is time for students to think about next year’s electives. Since many students have already picked their pathways by now, it can be difficult to introduce new electives to students.

The fine arts program at North is very widespread and popular. It offers art, photography, band, chorus, drama, and much more. Students tend to jump on the classes that express themselves, however many overlook writing. North offers two journalism classes; writing for the school newspaper and yearbook. Writing classes give students the chance to express themselves and clean up their writing skills.

Due to the popularity in the fine arts program and drama, North decided to offer a dance class this year. Unfortunately, many have not taken the opportunity to go the extra mile and brush up on their dancing. Guitar is another very common class that is overlooked by many. It teaches and reiterates the basics of guitar.

This upcoming school year (2018-2019) there will be a few more electives that will be offered. Ms. Archer, a chemistry teacher will be offering an oceanography class. If marine life, water, and all things ocean are an interesting topic, look on the electives sheet to sign up.

Overall, North has a wide variety of electives to please all students and faculty. Fortunately, the class list will continue growing and so will the mind of students!