Raider Basketball Perseveres This Season


Senior Catherine Shopes leads the team to victory despite several of her fellow players are out. Photo by Ben Hendron.

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

The Boys Varsity Basketball team has had an exceptionally difficult  season this school year, only winning six  out of 21 games. Although they have a few more games left in the term, it does not seem like they have enough time to turn their season around.


Although their recent run has not been their strongest, the team has had some phenomenal games in the past season. In the beginning of the season, they beat White County 61-54. During the game Trevor Elliott scored 16 points–the highest individual scored points. Other players Wil Graham, Kellson Gravitt and Jonathan Pefanis all scored at least in the double digits.


One of the team’s biggest rivals is Forsyth Central High school.  Lucky for them, they squashed their Central and scored 54 points against their 42 points. Pefanis leading the team to victory and scoring 17 points total; Brayden Collins contributed to the win as well, scoring 11 points.


The regional game against South Forsyth High School was not so lucky. Although they put up a tough fight against South, the Raiders lost the game 60-52. Pefanis shot 11 hoops, and Preston Wiggins shot nine.


However, the girl’s varsity team has had a different story. Currently, they have won 13 games and have lost only seven and was no easy task either.


According to Forsyth County news, the Raiders were significantly disadvantaged during the game against Lambert this past December. The team could not play two of their star players, Senior Cassie Markle, as she twisted her ankle at practice, and Freshman Kate Perryman, as she spent most of the game in trouble for fouls. Of course, the team quickly adapted to the situation and just barely beat Lambert by 46-45. The last time they had beat Lambert was in January of 2016, making this a big win on their part.


Overall, the teams have done a great job this season. With only a few more games until the 2017-2018 season are over, we can only hope that the Raiders finish off the end of the year strong.