Lady Raiders Play Close Game at Final Four


Senior Cassie Markle shoots a free throw after a foul from Westlake. The Lady Raiders played hard and put up a good fight, being one of Final Four teams in the state championship, but they were defeated 44- 52 by the Westlake Lions.

Leilani Gibbons, Editor-in-Chief

The North Forsyth Raider’s girls basketball team was defeated in the Final Four by the Westlake Lions last Saturday, ending a close game with a score of 44-52.


The game was off to a slow start during the first quarter as both teams struggled to maintain possession of the ball, leaving North in the lead with a score of six for the Raiders and four for the Lions.


The game quickly picked up as the second quarter began, leading off strong with a two point shot from the Raiders. Following this, the Raiders received two fouls that brought the Lions up by two points, although North still had a one point lead. The game continued with senior, Catherine Shope shooting multiple three pointers and the Raiders remaining in a steady lead as the Lions stayed close behind, slowly gaining points to catch up.


After yet another foul from the Lady Raiders, Westlake made one out of their two free throws, bringing the game to a close Westlake 12- North 13 with four minutes left in the quarter. The Lions threw a two point shot just after the four minute mark, shifting the game to a steady point-by-point battle, as though every second someone new was in the lead. The first half of the game closed with North ahead one point, with the final score of Westlake 18, North Forsyth 19.


During the third quarter, the Lions were able to overtake the Raiders by a significant amount after a multitude of fouls from both teams, leaving the Raiders down 23-26 with three minutes left to spare in the quarter. Sophomore Caroline Martin fought hard, making two baskets that brought the Raiders back in the lead by a score of 29-28, but in the last seconds of the quarter, the Raiders fouled again and the Lions were able to reclaim the lead. The third quarter ended with Westlake having 30 points and North close behind with 29 points.


As the fourth quarter initiated, the crowd bit their nails as they awaited the final minutes of the game, watching as the neck-and-neck action began. The scores continued to gradually creep upward as both teams gained points while staying in the same range. Then, with seven minutes remaining, senior Cassie Markle made a free throw shot and tied the scores with 32 points. The game intensified, and both the Raiders and the Lions contended for the championship.


Shope shot another three pointer and tried to get North back ahead, but with four minutes remaining, the score evened out to 36-36, tying once again. Nearing the end, Westlake made multiple three point shots and got a step ahead of the Raiders by six points. As the final minutes passed North attempted to gain the lead but the Lady Raiders were unable to make up the difference, concluding with a score of North Forsyth 44 and Westlake 52.


Shope, the leading scorer for North with 17 points, shared, “”I’m sad we lost, but I’m proud of our effort and that we didn’t give up. I couldn’t be happier about this season because no one expected us to make it so far and do so good.”


The Lady Raiders played a strong and successful season, and although they are saddened to see it come to an end, they are proud of their progress and excited to see where the team goes in the future.