North Forsyth’s Lady Raiders Are All About That Base

Carena Ravenel, Staff writer

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  • No. 12, Mackenzie Marvin, throwing a successful pitch for her team. She had all the right stuff on Monday, allowing zero runs and besting East Hall with a score of 8-0.

  • No. 11, Brooke Black, caught just about to swing her bat and sprint it to first before the Vikings could deprive her team of a possible point. Extra picture for MOD

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On September 17, the Lady Raider Varsity Softball team destroyed East Hall’s Vikings with a final score of 8-0. Our team certainly proved themselves worthy to be out in the field after such a thrilling game.

Throughout the game, the Lady Raiders’ chants of encouragement reverberated from the team’s dugout. “L-U-C-K-Y 7 make it fly!” was one of the chants the Raiders used to cheer on (First name, Last name), No. 7. It was very humorous and entertaining for the crowd to witness.  

In the first inning, first and third base each held one of the East Hall Vikings. A batter for the Vikings successfully hit the ball into the outfield; however, the Raiders outfielders were there to intercept it and prevent East Hall from advancing to first base.

In the fifth inning of the game, the Lady Raiders showed off their batting skills. The Vikings’ pitcher hurled the ball and North’s batter swung with the same perfection in which Gordon Ramsay makes his creme brûlée. The ball went to outfield right where the Vikings failed to catch it. When the Vikings finally retrieved the ball, the previous batter for the Raiders our batter was already painfully close to first base. One of the Vikings in the outfield retrieved the ball and threw it to her teammate on first, but the players’ hurl missed its mark, causing the Lady Raiders to earn another point.

The fifth inning was made even more exciting when the Lady Raiders’ No. 4, Mallorie Black, hit the first and only home run of the game. North’s supporters in the stands erupted with excitement and enthusiasm as the ball soared just out of reach of East Hall’s outfielders. The Lady Raiders raced onto the field where Marvin was and gave her hugs and congratulations.

No. 12 Mackenzie Marvin, pitched her team to victory on Monday’s game. She surrendered zero runs on three hits over six innings, striking out four of her opponents. Her coaches and fellow teammates were very proud of her performance during the game against the Vikings.

The North Forsyth Lady Raiders collected 10 runs by the end of the game. Both Black and Katie Jordan had multiple hits for their team. The game was a major win for North High School, and the Lady Raiders will certainly remember this game.