Infections From Shoes


There is no known brand of shoes that the girl has tried on, but any shoe can fall victim to transmitting viral infections like sepsis with ease. .(Photo credit to:AliExpress)

Marvin Cruz, Staff Writer

In late August, Sienna Thomas, a girl in the U.K, was admitted to Prince Charles Hospital for a deadly sepsis infection that was spreading throughout her leg. Jodie Thomas and her daughter Sienna had been at a store trying on shoes for some back-to-school shopping. Thomas stated that since it was the summer, Sienna had been wearing sandals without socks. The shoes that she had been trying on had been tried on by other girls, which led doctors to believe that the infection could have been spread through a cut or rash on her foot.

The infection in her leg quickly spread upward and turned into a life-threatening case of sepsis, an infection that causes symptoms such as: fevers, difficulty in breathing, low blood pressure and even cases of mental confusion. Thomas’ daughter was admitted to the hospital for around five days, having the infection drained.

Thomas posted pictures of the infection on Aug.24 in a post where she said, “For all parents please put socks on your children while trying new shoes on. I’m guilty for not doing it for mine and myself, but this can be the outcome infection spreading throughout the body. You don’t know whose feet has been in them beforehand.” Although Thomas’ daughter has been released, she is still being monitored for any potential problems, such as the symptoms becoming more severe.

When asked regarding how they felt, students of North Forsyth High School all responded with worries about receiving sepsis as well if they are not careful. Junior Dylan Bryson stated, “That is definitely not good, the fact that people are going around and trying on shoes without socks is just stupid and that is a health risk in itself.”  Bryson then expressed his own concern because he likes to buy a brand new pair of shoes every so often and does not want to contract an illness like that himself.

If anyone with plans to purchase a pair of shoes anytime soon, remember it is a good idea to always bring a pair of socks with you, especially if you are wearing footwear without socks. Similar cases like this have happened before and there is always a risk of it happening to anyone at any time. And always be sure to get checked if symptoms such as fevers and low blood pressure start to appear after trying on any article of clothing.