Georgia Bulldogs Triumph Against Florida Gators With 36-17 Final Score

Cassidee Jackson, Staff Writer

On Saturday, October 27, the age-old Florida-Georgia rivalry was reincarnated once more in an exciting game at Jacksonville, Florida. The seventh-ranked Georgia Bulldogs defeated the ninth-ranked Florida Gators, ending the game with a score of 36-17. Because of this loss, the Florida Gators are eliminated from the college football playoff running.

The college football rivalry between Florida and Georgia began in 1904. Every decade or so, each team takes a turn in defeating or being bested by the opposing team in question, entertaining viewers who are eager to see which team–the Gators or the Bulldogs–will reign supreme in a given game. The annual game between the Bulldogs and the Gators always takes place in Jacksonville, Florida, a neutral playing site, which is a rarity for college football games.

Multiple plays in the game influenced its outcome of the game, which encompass several highlights of the game. In the first quarter, the Gators performed a flea flicker play in which the player fakes running and then passes the ball to the receiver; however, the passer overthrew the ball, ruining Florida’s prospects to get a touchdown. In the second quarter, Felipe Franks, the Florida Gators’ quarterback, passed the ball to the wide receiver on two separate occasions, only for them to fumble the ball, once again losing the Gator’s chance for a touchdown. On the other hand, Jake Fromm, the Georgia Bulldogs’ quarterback, threw a total of three touchdowns during the course of the game, becoming the unofficial MVP for the game.

Overall, the Georgia Bulldogs’ win over the Florida Gators increases their chances for another victory in the 2017 SEC Championships. This will likely reignite Georgia pride in terms of commercialized sportswear such as t-shirts, keychains and coffee mugs, as well as word of mouth–whether this be between true fans of the Bulldogs or sports-lovers at North Forsyth High.