Raiders Fall Short 34-35 Against War Eagles Football Team

Raider running back is tackled by two South lineman at the varsity game on October 19.

Raider running back is tackled by two South lineman at the varsity game on October 19.

Luke Miller, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 19, an amazing game broke out between the South Forsyth War Eagles and the North Forsyth Raiders. With the Raiders winning the coin toss, their kickoff led to the game starting on the twenty yard line, and the ball in the hands of the War Eagles. Beginning on the defensive side, North had an early domination of the ball, allowing South no gain on their plays. Early in the first quarter, the Raiders used their first timeout after a false start by one of their players. Immediately following, the Raiders swiftly took the first touchdown, running the ball across the left side of the field. After another successful kickoff, North scored their second touchdown, after a 25-yard pass. The ball was awarded the to the War Eagles at the beginning of the play, ninety yards away from a touchdown. A gain of ten yards allowed South’s full back to run the ball to their first touchdown. More fighting for the ball followed, and the War Eagles made their way to first and goal. At fourth and goal in the second half, the Eagles made an exceptional field goal, awarding them another three points, and the lead, to finish off the first half.

The halftime presentation was put on by South Forsyth marching band, in which the bands drum and brass lines formed their school’s logo. With great snacks, food and drinks, the stadium was bound to be rowdier than before. As halftime came to an end, the game was put back into motion at the sound of the whistle. The half-time punt gave South a return of twelve yards, meaning they began their plays on the offensive side of the play. South instantly ran the ball thirty yards through the right side of the field, putting South’s War Eagles and North’s Raiders at a standstill. Time seemed to slow down after this play, with most attempts being a standstill battle between that of the defense and the offense. Several attempts of run and pass plays were ultimately shut down by the opposers defense. Finally, North Forsyth scored a short pass touchdown, securing their place as victors by the end of the second quarter. As the third quarter began, so did the instrumental performance of the Raider’s band. The eagle screech was signaled over the loudspeaker early in

the quarter, meaning another war eagles touchdown was scored. South Forsyth and North Forsyth were returned to a standstill. After many unsuccessful passes, the Raiders decided to punt the ball, securing another 2-point lead over the war eagles.

By the end of the third quarter, the Raiders had been winning by the skin of their teeth. As the fourth quarter began, so did the loud cheering from fans on both sides. Both North and South scored a touchdown in succession, right after another, though North still kept the lead. After minutes and minutes of constant back and forth between the teams, South finally made a game-winning field goal, putting the team only one point ahead of the Raiders. With their heads held high, North walked through the victory stance of South for the rest of the game, leaving the final score at 35-34, with the victory in the hands of the War Eagles.