McDonald’s Deposits $40 billion for Their New Location on the Moon


“McDonald’s, the beloved fast food restaurant of many Americans, has a total 36,899 restaurants in 120 different countries, and the company is not done yet expanding their locations.”

Grace Wood, Sports Editor

McDonald’s, the beloved American fast food restaurant chain, has a total of 36,899 restaurants in 120 different countries, and the company is not done yet expanding their locations. In their new project, they are planning to build a McDonald’s on the moon.

As if we have not destroyed our own planet enough with construction, McDonald’s will start building on the moon in 2019, and the company is expecting to finish in 2020. The construction might take longer due to the unpredictability of the force of gravity compared to Earth, which might delay the building process. However, the best architects, engineers and electricians will be put to the task of building this infrastructure, ensuring its survival of space’s unknown, such as meteor showers and alien attacks.

Some of you might be wondering how customers will even get to the McDonald’s in space because it is definitely going to be more expensive than an average trip to Disney. It is predicted that it will cost $2,000 or more to reach the moon and back, not including the food cost when you arrive. McDonald’s has not worked out all the kinks out yet, so it is too early to decide what the exact price of a ticket to the moon would cost. However, once a year the company will be rewarding one lucky family a chance to go to the McDonald’s. The family that gets to go will be determined by an eating contest held at the McDonald’s headquarters.

Unfortunately, the company has spent so much money on the McDonald’s in space that they cannot afford to buy a better ice cream machine, so do not be surprised if you get there and find the ice cream machine is broken. On the other hand, McDonald’s in space will bring back some of their old menu items, including the McRib, the McPizza and the Hula burger. The CEO Steve Easterbrook stated that they are bringing back these items “because like a McDonald’s in space, the menu items are out of this world.” Additionally, they are creating an exclusive “Space Burger,”which can only be purchased on the moon. The exact contents of this burger are yet to be revealed and will not be until the establishment is open.

McDonald’s is excited to start this new chapter and cannot wait to see what it might bring to their company. They expect it to be a long journey to building the McDonald’s in space, but it definitely will be worth it.

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