Varsity Raiders Are Ready to Make a Comeback During Next Year’s Football Season


A beautiful sunset gathers over Raider Valley as players get ready for their entrance on field.

Katie Harrill, Staff Writer

With the chill of the winter winds drawing nearer, Raider Nation’s varsity football season has come to an end. The football team’s fall season consisted of games against schools including Cherokee, Northview, Gainesville, Lambert, Forsyth Central, West Forsyth, Milton, South Forsyth, Woodstock and Kennesaw. The team had five home games, as well as five away games. This season has shown that the loss of many of the varsity seniors from last year’s team has had quite the effect on this year’s group. In other words,  the team has seen better scores. North Forsyth’s team won two out of five of their home games and one out of five of their away games. The team saw a total of three wins out of their total of ten games. Instead of focusing on the negatives of this score result, the winning scores for the three games were as follows:

  1. North Forsyth v. Gainesville — ( W ) 24 – 21
  2. North Forsyth v. Northview — ( W ) 42 – 21
  3. North Forsyth v. Lambert — ( W ) 28 – 14

With the exception of the game against South Forsyth, which resulted in a one point difference of 35 – 34,  and the game against Kennesaw, also resulting in a one point difference loss in overtime of 48 – 47, the losses had a pretty large point difference. Although the scores were not the best that the Raiders have seen, this season was exciting for those who attended. The festivities and themes for each game kept the crowd excited and spirited. No matter how the game ends, the Raider Nation is sure to attend the games and fill the student section with support and excitement.


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