Winter and Spring Sports Overview for the 2018-2019 Season


Students and coaches are already preparing for competitions and events for the 2018-2019 season of winter and spring sports!

Bella Angell, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever clicked on the “Extracurricular” tab on the North Forsyth High School website? The second choice is “Athletics-GHSA.” The GHSA, or the Georgia High School Association,  is an organization that governs athletics and activities for member high schools in Georgia. Clicking on the “Athletics-GHSA” tab takes you into the world of sports at NFHS: Raider Athletics. On this website, you will find the division of sports by season.

Winter sports are currently active right now. This includes basketball, basketball cheer, rifle, wrestling and swimming.

For basketball, there are freshman, junior varsity and varsity teams. Tryouts were in October, and the first official game for each team were Nov. 27. Basketball cheer, both junior varsity and varsity, will follow the same game schedule as their respective basketball teams.

The Rifle Team is varsity-level only. Their first competition was Nov. 15. This year’s team has big shoes to fill as last year’s team went to the state championship and was ranked nationally.

Wrestling is another sport in which North Forsyth excels. There are junior varsity and varsity-level teams. Last year, the Raider wrestling teams brought amazing success to North, and this year’s competitions, which started Nov. 10, stand to show continued talent.

The NFHS varsity swim and dive team started the season in November with a bang by placing fifth in the 11th High School Invitational and placing first in the Fall Frenzy Invitational.

Spring sports follow closely behind our winter sports season. Spring sports include baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track, golf and tennis.

Baseball is comprised of freshman, junior varsity and varsity teams. The Raider baseball team made it to the state playoffs last year, so this should be an exciting season.

The NFHS soccer teams are divided by boys and girls and both have junior varsity and varsity levels. One change this year will be Gunnery Sergeant Jack Snook leading the boys’ soccer program. Soccer tryouts are coming up in January.

NFHS lacrosse has boys’ junior varsity and varsity while girls’ lacrosse is varsity only. Although this is a spring sport, both the boys’ and girls’ teams participate in lacrosse tournaments outside of the regular season to keep up their skills.

Track is only varsity with male and female participants. The 2019 schedule should be posted soon.

Golf is another spring sport offered at North. The boys’ golf team is divided into junior varsity and varsity, and the girls’ team is varsity only. The North Forsyth boys’ golf team took seventh in the state for the 2018 season. This was the second year that the NFHS team qualified for GHSA State Golf Playoffs.

The tennis teams are varsity only and split by male and female.  Both teams begin their seasons with a tournament on Jan. 29.

NFHS also has a new year-round sport: mountain biking. Their first race was in September, and they won first place. At their second Allatoona Creek race, they won second. They placed first for Division I High Schools in their first season, earning them the title of State Champions.

North Forsyth High School has a very well-rounded athletic program. These sports allow many students to participate in athletics and test their skill levels against many competitors in the county and state, and they even compete nationally in some events. This provides an outstanding degree of experience as well as the ability to attain scholarships to colleges and universities. In addition, students, staff and our community have many different choices in which sports to attend as spectators.