Dual Enrollment Requirements for 2019-2020


Students from all Forsyth County high schools are given the opportunity to earn college credit through dual enrollment opportunities at Lanier Technical College and the University of North Georgia.

Ramya Raja, News Editor

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, North Forsyth High School hosted a dual enrollment night for parents and students, in order to showcase the various opportunities local colleges provide for juniors and seniors seeking to get a kick start on their college education.  

The two local colleges that North allows students to dual enroll at are the University of North Georgia and Lanier Technical College. Each college has their own requirements for admitting high school students.

Lanier Tech requires students to take at least one of several exams: the ACCUPLACER® exam, SAT, ACT or COMPASS exam. If a student does not meet the requirements for the ACT or SAT, then they are required to take the ACCUPLACER exam.  Students who enroll at Lanier Tech have more access to technical field certification opportunities, such as welding and automotive repair, as well as more cosmetic certification opportunities such as hair design. The deadline for the Fall 2019 application is June 30.


Lanier Tech Testing Requirements SAT ACT
Reading 24 17
Writing and Language 25 16
Math 22 19
  • Note these are the scores provided on Lanier Tech’s website


The University of North Georgia (UNG) requires students to have taken the SAT or ACT , and they also must present with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 in all previous required high school coursework.  While dual enrolled, students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, or else they will be dropped from the program. Students who enroll at UNG have access to more fields of study than Lanier Tech, including teaching as a profession, art history and more, in addition to the technical fields offered Lanier Tech. The Fall 2019 application deadline is May 1, 2019.


University of North Georgia Testing Requirements SAT ACT
Reading (Subsection) 19 N/A
English/Grammar N/A 12
Math 360 14


Students are not required to pay tuition for approved dual enrollment courses. However, students must pay lab fees for science courses, modern language fees for certain language courses and replacement fees if they damage rented textbooks.

For more information about the University of North Georgia: https://ung.edu/undergraduate-admissions/dual-joint-enrollment.php

For more information about Lanier Technical College: http://www.laniertech.edu/dualenroll/main.aspx