Mary Ellen Enright: All-County Volleyball Player of the Year



Mary Ellen Enright jumps to spike the ball during North Forsyth High School’s volleyball match against Forsyth Central High School on Sept. 5, 2018. (Photo by Ian Frazer.)

Sallie Kate Worley, Staff Writer

Forsyth County News named Mary Ellen Enright the All-County Volleyball Player of the Year for the 2018 volleyball season. Much of the weight of North Forsyth High School’s  volleyball season rode on Enright’s shoulders, considering that she is the only senior on the team this year and that she is known to be one of the most dangerous players in the county.

Mary Ellen does not know if there were “certain criteria [she] needed to meet” in order to be named Player of the Year, but she does know that she “got 1,000 kills and 1,000 digs in [her] high school career,” and that she met those records in her last high school game ever. Those incredible accomplishments, in addition to being part of head coaching pair Drew and Kelly Cecil’s 200th career win, drew the attention of the Forsyth County News.

Maddie Bryant, who graduated with the class of 2018, was “definitely a role model” and a good friend to Enright last year. Enright said they “still talk to this day.” With Bryant’s leadership style in mind, Enright was determined to set a positive example for the younger players on the team. “I think I influenced the girls by always giving 100 percent in practice and in games,” she said. She also spread a positive outlook at games, as she made sure that the girls knew that “it’s especially crucial to not get nervous or worked up in tight or important games.” She wanted the girls to “be confident in themselves and do what they know how to do.”

After the season’s close, Enright is proud of “how far [the team] came and well [they] bonded,” as well as of her “1,000 kills and digs.”

It is clear that Enright made a name for herself both through how she played and how she represented the team. North Forsyth High School is honored to have shared four incredible  seasons with Mary Ellen Enright, the most dangerous volleyball player in Forsyth County.