Georgia Storm Scammers


Photo Credits: CNN

Olivia Robert, Staff Writer

On March 3rd, tornadoes touched down in Alabama and central Georgia. These tornadoes caused the injuries of many people in the area. This is being said to be the deadliest tornado outbreak since 2013. The tornadoes took the lives of at least 23 people and left homes in wreckage. Unfortunately, some people are attempting to scam others in order to profit off of this awful disaster.

Police have spoken out about fake organizations looking for donations. They advise people to look into organizations before donating and recommend only donating through churches, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other credible organizations. The police also say that the scammers have tried to receive donations by calling people and by making posts on social media. Before giving any information or money, people are encouraged to check the number or verify the account of the organization that they are donating to.

In addition, police note to be on the lookout for fake contractors. Scammers have been going around claiming to be contractors, knowing that people want their homes rebuilt as quickly as possible. These fake contractors will normally ask for payment up front and then disappear. People are encouraged to make sure that any contractors that they hire have a license and insurance. Police also recommend that they document everything by taking pictures of things that need to be replace and talking to more than one professional to make sure that everything is in order. Local authorities have been monitoring the areas affected by the tornadoes, helping to stop these scams and catch their perpetrators.