NFHS Varsity Boys Play Hard, Defeated by Central 3-1


No. 6, freshman Carlos Mondada making a beautiful pass to one of his fellow teammates.

Carena Ravenel, Staff Writer

On April 10, the NFHS varsity boys soccer team traveled to Forsyth Central High School to challenge the FCHS team in one of the last games of the season. Unfortunately, North lost to Central with a final score of 1-3.

The first half of the game contained a lot of action from North’s keeper, senior Gian Dev, who did an excellent job during intense situations. At one point, none of North’s defensive players were near the goal, leaving North almost completely vulnerable to Central. Luckily Dev was there to save his team from losing another point to Central. Another chaotic series of events occurred, causing Dev to have to think and react quickly before Central could score yet again, and he was successful, which proves that he can adapt to his situations well.

Unfortunately, Dev could not save them all. In the beginning of the first half of the game; FCHS player Anthony Grasa scored an assist goal, earning the first point of the game. Not long after, Grasa kicked a solo shot into the goal, to the sound of the cheering crowd. Later on in the first half, Central was an awarded a direct free kick, which the player successfully made. Even though Central had a streak going, North’s players never gave up and they kept on fighting until the very end.

Later in the second half of the game, NFHS freshman Michael Silva was awarded a direct free kick because he was tripped by an opposing opponent. As he was recovering from his fall, Silva successfully shot the first and only goal of the game. With Silva’s goal, the score became 1-3, giving North’s team a little sliver of hope to take down the Central Bulldogs.

Even though North’s Varsity Soccer Team did not win this game, they should definitely be proud of their performance, not only in this game, but in the entire soccer season.