PAC Renovations Leave Drama Department in Awe

Mayah Talbot, Staff Writer

North Forsyth High School’s Performing Arts Center was recently renovated this past summer. NFHS PAC center was built in 1997 and has never been renovated in its 22 years of being occupied until now. All lighting, sound system, and set-up have been outdated for over twenty years, and now has been replaced with LED lights, up-to-date sound systems, lighting systems, chairs, floors, and curtains.

The old PAC lighting system was from 1997, which is different to the ones nowadays because now the lights are brighter, the system is more complex and have more options for the lighting set-up. One problem with the older lights was the heating of the bulb which have been replaced with LED lighting. Along with the lights, the sound system was  replaced. The speaker projections were not as loud compared to the ones in the late 2010’s. As a result, the speakers, headsets, microphones, and all the sound systems were upgraded. 

In the audience section of the PAC center, there were also major updates. The seats were torn out and replaced with new, more comfortable chairs.  The floor was redone, and new carpet was put in. The chairs in the PAC center were timeworn and in need of new ones. Another piece of equipment that was replaced was the theatre curtains. The old curtains were blue but appeared black with holes in them. Now the curtains are purple, showing off the school colors.

The renovation of the PAC center will improve the drama department with its new enhancements, and the performances will have better quality.