North Raiders Take Down The South War Eagles

Anslee Anderson and Abby Martin hold the trophy

Kai Shabman

Anslee Anderson and Abby Martin hold the trophy

On Wednesday the 24th, the North Forsyth Lady Raiders Softball team won their second back-to-back regional championship against South Forsyth High School with a score of 6-4, and the crowd was as ecstatic as the players. The fans  brought cutouts of the athletes and went wild at every home run. 

The game started off with Ashleigh Grace, number 3, getting the first hit and scoring the first points of the game. By the second inning, North was up 3-to-1. North’s coach, James Cahill, was confident in the girls from the beginning, not doubting them for a second as they brought home the win. He was very excited about the win and believed in them 100%. Cahill watched and supported them on the sidelines with encouraging words throughout the night. The teams cheered the players on as well, chanting encouraging words and songs, making noise and banging against the railings and walls, they pushed each other and supported everyone. 

By the 7th inning, both sides were nervously awaiting what would happen. They cheered and yelled at every positive play from their team. South was at two outs, two strikes. The crowd was extraordinarily quiet as the batter got ready to swing. The pitcher threw, and batter swung and missed. The crowd exploded! Cheering and shouting as North celebrated. The two teams congratulated each other and North excitedly took the trophy, and celebrated their glorious win,  it was a close game, and the South Eagles fought well.