Braves Suffer 13-1 Loss to Cardinals in World Series Playoffs


Adam Duvall bats for the Braves, but couldn’t manage a homerun against the Cardinals in game 5 of the series playoffs. Atlanta lost 13-1 and was knocked from the playoffs. Photo by: BusinessInsider.

The Atlanta Braves suffered a tough 13-1 loss against the St. Louis Cardinals in the fifth game of National League Division Series, leaving Atlanta 2-3 and the Cardinals 3-2,leading the Cardinals to advance father in the playoffs.. St. Louis had a historic first inning with an astonishing 10 runs, and they didn’t stop there. They continued to score three more times through the rest of the game, and ultimately kicked the Braves out of the World Series.

The start to the nightmare first inning began with Marcel Ozuna, who put the first run on the board for the Cardinals. It was an uphill battle for the Braves from there as they struggled to hold off the avalanche of runs to come. Yolier Molina loaded the bases and Matt Carpenter hit the Cardinal’s second run of the game, followed by a walk off from Jack Flaherty,  bringing the game 5-0. From there, Dexter Fowler and Kolten Wong hit back-to-back doubles, raising the score even more to 9-0. Cardinals scored a heartbreaking 10th run when Brian McCann of the Atlanta Braves failed to complete a throw by several feet — all in the first inning.

In the top of the second, Paul Dejong doubled to the right allowing Tommy Edman to bring in another run for St. Louis, but they did not manage to score again until the top of the third. Wong and Ozuna both scored yet again, bringing the game’s score to a haunting 13-0. The Braves managed to get in their first and only run in the bottom of the fourth when Josh Donaldson managed a homer to the center on a 1-1 count. Neither teams managed to score for the rest of the game, leaving it 13-1.

The heartbreaking loss followed a promising win in game three of the series when Dansby Swanson hit a fly ball to the outfield which allowed Billy Hamilton to score a run, tying the game up 1-1. The Braves were then able to win 3-1.

All-Star Braves catcher Brian McCann also announced his bittersweet retirement following the devastating loss. “This is it for me,” McCann stated. “I’m going to go home and be a dad and play with [my] kids.” McCann started and ended his career with Atlanta.

The St. Louis Cardinals will advance to play the Washington Nationals on Oct. 11 for the second round of the playoffs.